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Model name:
Model Category Year Manuals Exploded Stickers
TXT PRO 200Trial2006sisino
TXT PRO 250Trial2006sisino
TXT PRO 280Trial2006sisino
TXT PRO 300Trial2006sisino
TXT Rookie 80Trial2006sinono
EC 125Enduro2005sisino
EC 200Enduro2005sisino
EC 250Enduro2005sisino
EC 300Enduro2005sisino
EC BOY 50Enduro2005sinono
EC ROOKIE 50Enduro2005sisino
FSE 450Enduro2005sisino
MC 125Cross2005sisino
MC 250Cross2005sisino
MC Boy 50 cc.Cross2005sinono
Pampera 125Trail2005sisino
Pampera 250Trail2005sisino
Pampera 280Trail2005sisino
SM 125Supermotard2005sisino
SM 250Supermotard2005sisino
TXT PRO 125Trial2005nosino
TXT PRO 200Trial2005nosino
TXT PRO 250Trial2005nosino
TXT PRO 280Trial2005nosino
TXT PRO 300Trial2005nosino
TXT Rookie 50Trial2005nosino
WILD HP 300Quad2005sinono
WILD HP 450Quad2005sisino
WILD HP 50Quad2005sinono
EC 125Enduro2004sisino
EC 200Enduro2004sisino
EC 250Enduro2004sisino
EC 300Enduro2004sisino
FSE 450Enduro2004sisino
MC 125Cross2004sisino
MC 250Cross2004sisino
Pampera 125Trail2004sisino
Pampera 250Trail2004sisino
Pampera 280Trail2004sisino
SM 125Supermotard2004sisino
SM 250Supermotard2004sisino
TXT PRO 125Trial2004sisino
TXT PRO 200Trial2004sisino
TXT PRO 250Trial2004sisino
TXT PRO 280Trial2004sisino
TXT PRO 300Trial2004sisino
WILD HP 300Quad2004sinono
WILD HP 450Quad2004sinono
EC 125Enduro2003sisino
EC 200Enduro2003sisino
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