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Iván Cervantes began his recovery with caution

The rider suffered a vertebrae contraction between L5 and L6 and is taking no chances on his return.

After a week of rest and medical examinations, Ivan Cervantes has already started the process of recovery from back injury suffered during the Genoa Enduro Indoor practice's, the inaugural race of the new World Championship 2011.

At arrival home, the rider underwent several medical tests, which confirmed the first diagnosis by doctors in Italy, stiffness in the lumbar region. However, they concluded that their origin wasn't due to a hamstring problem if not the strong backlash that received after a jump. Because of the impact suffered a vertebrae hypercontraction between L5 and L6 which resulted in significant inflammation and a subsequent haematoma, though fortunately not affected neither the vertebrae and spine.

From the first time, Ivan was put into the hands of her trusted therapist, the prestigious Ricard Huélamo, the same as three years ago was responsible for their complicated recovery from knee surgery. Huélamo began treatment haematoma reduction and developed a specific plan for full recovery of the affected area.

The medical officers of the five times world champion believes that, despite its ostentation and severity that could entail, the injury isn't worrisome. Although that, they have advised not to force his return to competition in order to avoid problems forward.

Iván Cervantes

"After a few days quite hard, now I'm a bit more lively. The doctors have told me that the injury wasn't anything, but I have to admit that at first I was scared a little, because there could be serious. At the end of last week I started doing recovery with Ricard (Huélamo) and also some exercise, but everyone says I don't want to force more than necessary. The idea is to go slowly and without haste to recover well and don't leave sequelae. I don't know when I will return to ride the bike, I hope soon, but will be only when the doctor told me so and when I don't have any trouble. I'm disappointed by what happened. Sorry for everyone, but especially for the brand and the team, because they worked very hard to get ready for Genoa and this has disrupted all".


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