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Stage 8: 13th place, an historical moment for Laia Sanz and Gas Gas

Laia Sanz seems limitless with Gas Gas. The reigning world champion of women's Enduro and Trial has ended stage 8 with the best result ever achieved, both on her own, and for Gas Gas in Dakar. Laia has finished in thirteenth position 16min,54sec. behind the winner of the stage, Joan Barreda. The rider from Corbera de Llobregat has been the second best Spanish rider in this stage with the rapid Gas Gas EC 450 Raid. The start was shortened due to heavy rains last night and in a day where many riders have made ​​mistakes in navigation, Laia has gained an unprecedented result that raises her to the 30th position in the overall standings. Undoubtedly, the best way to arrive at the day off, just as we have passed into Ecuador.. Marc Guasch has had some difficulties on Saturday, but has met the goal of reaching San Miguel de Tucumán with the bike intact and keeps his winning options open for gaining positions in the next stages. Marc has finished in the 36th position and is now in the top 30 overall, being the 29th ranked rider, just ahead of his teammate. While Miguel Puertas completed the forward progression of Team Gas Gas Dakar. The three team riders will profit from the rest day on Sunday before facing the final stages of special tests on Monday. Sunday they may rest to regain strength while members of team Gas Gas tune the three bikes before resuming activity on Monday when they will go on stage 9 from San Miguel de Tucumán a Cóba.


1. Joan Barreda                      2h:07' 26"
2. Johnny Campbell                 +07'04"
3. Ivan Jakes                           +07'57"
4. Pedro Bianchi Prata             +11'10"
5. Vincent Guindani                  +13'07"
13. LAIA SANZ                         +16'54"
36. MARC GUASCH                 +23'20"
82. MIGUEL PUERTAS             +39'13"


1. David Casteau                     19h:56'33"
2. Cyril Despres                           +09'26"
3. Ruben Faria                             +11'16"
4. Francisco "Chaleco" López      +12'00"            
5. Olivier Pain                               +16'10"
29. MARC GUASCH                     +2h09'06"
30. LAIA SANZ                             +2h09'37"
89. MIGUEL PUERTAS                 +09h27'53"


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