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The Gas Gas Team works in the background in Romania

The second day of the Enduro Grand Prix of Romania has served to further the progress of the Gas Gas School of Champions project, and despite a difficult race where dust was a factor for the riders and machinery, the team members have achieved satisfactory results.

The Gas Gas Factory Team Pons is in line with its ongoing work with the riders of School of Champions program, which is beginning to bear fruit, receiving some highlights, as those achieved by Danny McCanney on the final stage, or Esteban Lanz, among the top ten in several sectors of the course and achieving his personal best in the World Cup.
In Buzau, the World Enduro riders have encountered rough terrain, that was dry and dusty, which has forced the mechanics of the Gas Gas Factory Pons Team to take special care of the mechanicals of the bikes, which have finished the test with no problems whatsoever.
Danny McCanney is still finding the pace for this type of terrain with the same characteristics of the last two GP races of Spain and Portugal. Where the riding is primarily on bumpy courses, and it was necessary for the team to work on the tuning of the rear suspension of the Gas Gas EC 300 Factory Replica, and the Reiger shock has worked much better, posting the fastest time on the final stage. However, the Brit had lost too much time in the opening stages. The Chilean Diego Rojas continues to improve and has re-entered the top ten of the Junior category. The Israeli Bar Nov continues to adapt to competition and in his first GP finished in 16th place.
Another Gas Gas rider in the School of Champions program, the Chilean, Esteban Lanz, despite some mistakes, had good scores at times, finally coming-in at eighth place after being fifth in one of the sections. He had the best results for the South Americans in the race. The Israeli Tomer Saphira finished in thirteenth position.
Jeff Goblet is also another that progresses, working with the Gas Gas EC 450 F, being near the top ten in the race at times.

Danny McCanney:
"I'm very happy today, but we could change the settings of the rear suspension and has greatly improved the performance of the bike, setting good times, and despite not finishing on the podium as yesterday, I'm pretty pleased with the improvement we have achieved in the chassis of the bike with the shock".

Esteban Lanz:
"I'm very happy with my riding, I made many mistakes, and despite qualify in eighth place, I know I must train harder if I want to achieve my goal, which is to finish in the top five".

Jeff Goblet:
"Today I was in same position as yesterday, but I have improved over time and I am happy because I see that every day I ride a little better. The team did a great job, and we are already thinking about Greece".

Tomer Saphira:
"Today I went well, but on the first pass by the Extreme, I've fallen and I lost about 14 seconds. I finished 13th, a good position for me, but I am satisfied that we are improving step by step".

Enduro Júnior
1. Matthew Philips 54'32"54
2. Mario Román a 22"89
3. Loïc Larrieu a 57"55
5. Danny McCanney (Gas Gas) a 1'07"07
10. Diego Rojas (Gas Gas) a 4'01"42
16. Bar Nov (Gas Gas) a 13'11"51

Enduro Youth Cup
1. Jamie McCanney 55'49"18
2. Albin Elowson a 1'49.11
3. Benjamín Herrera a 3'01.58
8. Esteban Lanz (Gas Gas) a 4'42"14
13.  Tomer Saphira (Gas Gas) a 8'18"32

Enduro 2
1. Alex Salvini 53'21"41
2. Pela Renet a 8"54
3. Johnny Aubert a 13"34
12. Jean-Fr. Goblet (Gas Gas) a 3'29"55

Clasificación Provisional Campeonato del Mundo
Enduro Júnior
1. Matthew Phillips 180
2. Giacomo Redondi 152
3. Danny McCanney (Gas Gas) 128
11. Diego Rojas (Gas Gas) 39

Enduro Youth Cup
1. Jamie McCanney 174
2. Albin Elowson 127
3. Benjamín Herrera 117
12. Esteban Lanz (Gas Gas) 25
23. Tomer Saphira (Gas Gas) 10

Enduro 2
1. Alex Salvini 186
2. Iván Cervantes 160
3. Pela Renet 153
16. Jeff Goblet (Gas Gas) 12


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