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Great stage for Gerard Farrés, with a third. The Gas Gas riders have placced in top positions in the Merzouga Rally

Todays third stage of the Merzouga Rally was the longest of this Moroccan race. A stage that has undergone some changes, but that has led to Gas Gas riders Jordi Viladoms Gerard Farrés placing in the top five overall.
A good stage for Jordi Viladoms and Gerard Farrés in the Merzouga Rally. Viladoms marked a further stage by again opening the track by navigation from kilometer 70 until 175, when the Team Gas Gas JVO team has had a minor problem with the road book and had to stop to fix it, losing some minutes. Then, Sunderland, the new leader of the race, overtook him. Viladoms finished fourth on the stage and is fifth overall.

But another member of the Gas Gas JVO Team, Gerard Farrés, has also had another good riding day, arriving together at the finish with Viladoms at Erfoud finsh. The man from Manlleu was third and in fourth place in the overall interim.

The third rider of the Gas Gas JVO Team, Marc Guasch, has entered the top ten after three days of racing. Today the rider from La Garriga has suffered a small surprise in the roadbook and lost time to mark a mandatory way-point, finishing in 12th place for the day.

Las tres Gas Gas EC 450 Raid han llegado al bivouac sin sufrir ningún percance mecánico, lo que demuestra lo competitivas que están siendo las nuevas unidades que se han fabricado especialmente para la próxima edición del Dakar.

The tree Raid Gas Gas EC 450 motorcycles have reached the bivouac without suffering any mechanical mishaps, which shows how competitive these new specially-made 2014 Dakar units are.

Tomorrow is the Marathon stage, in which the riders will leave Erfoud at the foot of the dunes of Erg Chebbi in Merzouga, with a total of 249 kilometers, with all of the route timed in full.


"I think I made a good stage. I have done very well until 50 km from the end, where I had a problem with the road book and I had to stop. Having gone from the start opening 70km of track and I felt very good about it again. Then with the problem, I happened upon Sunderland and I went with him to the end. I am happy because I see that I have good navigation and a good pace. This gives me confidence. Also, I see that we are gaining time. The team is doing a great job and I'm grateful".


"I'm happy with the first part of the race in the run-up to the CP1-, I've been alone. I went very well with focus and picked-up the pace, and the navigation... You have to practice navigation and that I did today. Then I had a problem with the GPS, It became disconnected and I lost some minutes fixing it. I had to find a WP point and I lost some more time... But the second part of the race has gone calmly.
In short: the first part very well, very concentrated, and I am happy as I have been. The bike is great, everything is perfect. I lost time with the GPS, but the good thing is that we found a solution".

Stage 3
1. Frans Verhoeven, 03:55’36
2. Sam Sunderland, a 3’24
3. Gerard Farrés (Gas Gas), a 8’06
4. Jordi Viladoms (Gas Gas), a 8’06
5. Olivier Pain, a 10’28
12. Marc Guasch (Gas Gas), a 26’17

Overall after Stage 3
1. Sam Sunderland, 07:15’34
2. Olivier Pain, a 10’37
3. Hélder Rodrigues, a 10’54
4. Gerard Farrés (Gas Gas), a 22’03
5. Jordi Viladoms (Gas Gas), a 24’23
10. Marc Guasch (Gas Gas), a 1:15’39


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