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Team Gas Gas is hopeful at the opening of the World Enduro Championship

The Enduro World Championship started today in Solsona with the Gas Gas Factory Pons Team presenting the young talent, and at the opening of the World Cup, they have received encouraging results.
With this young team, there is a bright future ahead, for Gas Gas Motos in the World Enduro Championship season, now starting in Solsona, with a race that was very well organized with a demanding course and large public attendance for this specialty.

This Enduro GP of Catalonia saw the debut of the French Gas Gas Team rider, Antoine Basset at the controls of the Gas Gas EC300, and only a crash has prevented him from finishing higher in the final classifications. Indeed, at times he was fighting with the current World Champion Jamie McCanney.

In Junior, all three riders managed to finish the day, with Portuguese rider Diogo Ventura being the best, who suffered a fall in the Extreme, that in part, affected him throughout the race. In some specials, he has shown that he can be ranked among the top five. Meanwhile the Swedish rider Tommy Sjostrom, who was physically challenged by an illness was unable to perform 100% in his debut with the team. Finally, Arnau Solà, not yet recovered from his operation on the left wrist, suffered a lot simply to finish the day, the only goal set by the young Catalan rider.

In the Youth Trophy, Esteban Lanz has started-off on the wrong foot, with several falls in the first round he was compromised for the rest of the race. The Chilean rider from the Gas Gas School of Champions has been able to continue and finished in the middle of the field.

Diogo Ventura, Júnior
"In my first World Championship race I was a little nervous. I fell in the first extreme and have lost some time. In the special I was in fifth place. In the second round I lost a bit of time in the extreme also, but I have really ridden well. I think I can do better tomorrow. The team has done a good job. Each race is better, and with more time, better results will come. The aim is to be among the top five."

Tommy Sjostrom, Júnior
"Today I had some problems that have affected my riding. I was not at all well: with fatigue, a severe headache and my stomach. I tried to do as much as I could, but it was complicated. I hope I find a lot better tomorrow. "

Esteban Lanz, Youth
"Today was not a good day for me. In the first round I rode poorly and made many mistakes. Everyone is riding very strong and I had a hard time recovering. In the second round I was more settled with the bike and I am most satisfied. With what was lost in the first round, I could not be better. Hopefully it will be better tomorrow."

Enduro 3
1. Iván Cervantes, 56:37.52
2. Matthew Phillips, +11.17
3. Mathias Bellino, +41.35
4. Luis Correia, +49.39
5. Jéremy Joly, + 50.21
9. Antoine Basset (Gas Gas), 1’31.24

Enduro Junior
1. Danny McCanney, 56’59.76
2. Loïc Larrieu, + 26.97
3. Giacomo Redondi, + 28’57
4. Nicolò Mori, + 1’28.73
5. Alessandro Battig , + 1’29.37
8. Diogo Ventura (Gas Gas), + 2’04.49
20. Tommy Sjostrom (Gas Gas), + 3’55.51
22. Arnau Solà (Gas Gas), + 4’08.50 

Enduro Youth
1. Davide Soreca, 59’14.38
2. Michele Marchelli, + 30.63
3. Jeremy Mirroir, + 46.15
4. Nicholas Trainini, +1’24.91
5. Jesper Borjesson, + 1’32.76
14. Esteban Lanz (Gas Gas), + 3’10.19


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