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James Dabill gets within a gnat’s whisker of a podium finish in the British TrialGP


The Gas Gas Trial Factory Team rider finished fourth in Bradford. Dabill got close to what would have been the second podium finish of the season for the British rider. No prize despite a great performance in a GP on home turf. Gaël Chatagno and Jarmo Robrahn also had to make do with fourth places in Trial2 and Trial125 after an unusual fifth event in the World Championship, in dry conditions, in the UK.

On Saturday, James Dabill made his intentions to fight for a podium finish very clear after a classification round where he got the third best score. A third place which let the Gas Gas Trail Factory Team rider start the following day from an advantageous next-to-last position, where he was able to analyze the riding of most of his rivals in the fifteen zones making up the event.

Meanwhile on Sunday, in the thick of the competition and with the added motivation of riding on home turf, supported by his local fans, Dabill rode a fantastic first round, finishing in second place despite having to ride in unusually dry sections for the UK. These sections are normally wet with rain, the conditions that suit the seven times British trial champion who is used muddy, slippery sections.

TrialGP: Dabill on the podium until the last second

The rider from Yorkshire finished the first round with only 16 points, constantly fighting for a position at the front. However, a five in the next-to-last section, right towards the end of the competition, ended up by frustrating James Dabill’s ambitions to achieve what would have been his second podium finish of the season after Japan where he finished second.

The Gas Gas rider ended the British TrialGP in fourth place, just 2 points behind a position of honour on the podium which in fact he really deserved and should have been his after leading throughout nearly all the competition. He put on a great performance, despite not winning a prize. This just confirms the upward trend in results for the British rider in the top category of the World Championship where he is now in seventh place with 58 points.

The fourth position for the British rider was added to by his teammate, Matteo Grattarola, who finally achieved a seventh place. This result demonstrates the recovery of the Italian rider in the second part of the season after a rather irregular start to the World Championship. The German rider Franzi Kadlec and the British rider Jack Price finished this the fifth event of the calendar, in eleventh and twelfth positions, followed in the classification by the MRW Gas Gas rider, Oriol Noguera, fifteenth. Arnau Farré, who after a complicated weekend for the young rider in the SPEA RFME team in the World Championship, still suffering from an injury in his right hand at the last event in Lourdes, finished sixteenth in Bradford.

Trial2: Chatagno fourth in Bradford and in the World Championship

In Trial2 Gael Chatagno also had to make do with a fourth position despite a tie with points for the Gas Gas rider with the rider in third position. It was the lower number of zeros for the French rider in the sections that swayed the result in favour of his rival. After his fourth position in Bradford, Chatagno is the best classified rider in Trial2, occupying a provisional fourth place.

Meanwhile the brothers Dan and Jack Peace finished the home ground GP for these two young British riders in sixth and seventh place in the Junior Category of the World Championship, followed by the Norwegian rider Häkon Pedersen, ninth in Bradford.

Trial125: Robrahn just a step from the podium

In the same way as with the previous categories, Jarmo Robrahn was also just a small step away from the Trial125 podium. The young German rider from the Gas Gas Trial Factory Team finished in fourth place, only three points away from the podium. The French riders Fabien Poirot and Hugo Dufrese, brand mates with the German rider, they finished in fifth and sixth positions respectively in a category with a large number of Gas Gas riders, such as Oliver Smith (13th), Pau Martínez (14th), Mitchell Brightmore (17th) y Martin Riobo (19th). After the event in Bradford, Fabien Poirot regained his third place in the classification as the most outstanding Gas Gas rider in Trail125.

The British GP makes way in three week’s time for the TrialGP USA where on the 29th and 30th July, the city of Kingman is to host the sixth event of the World Championship. This is a GP with two days of competition and a first time opportunity for the riders in the TrialWomen category in the 2017 World Championship.


TrialGP – Great Britain


TrialGP – Classification


1. T. Bou


1. T. Bou


2. T. Fujunami


2. A. Raga


3. A. Raga


3. T. Fujinami


4. J. Dabill (Gas Gas)


7. J. Dabill (Gas Gas)


7. M. Grattarola (Gas Gas)


9. F. Kadlec (Gas Gas)


11. F. Kadlec (Gas Gas)


10. M. Grattarola (Gas Gas)


12. J. Price (Gas Gas)


12. A. Farré (Gas Gas)


15. O. Noguera (Gas Gas)


13. O. Noguera (Gas Gas)


16. A. Farré (Gas Gas)


14. J. Price (Gas Gas)



Trial2 – Great Britain


Trial2 – Classification


1. F. Moret


1. I. Roberts


2. T. Martyn


2. G. Marcel·lí


3. I. Roberts


3. F. Moret


4. G. Chatagno (Gas Gas)


4. G. Chatagno (Gas Gas)


6. D. Peace (Gas Gas)


7. D. Peace (Gas Gas)


7. J. Peace (Gas Gas)


9. J. Peace (Gas Gas)


9. H. Pedersen (Gas Gas)


12. H. Pedersen (Gas Gas)



Trial125 – Great Britain


Trial125 – Classification


1. L. Gandola


1. L. Gandola


2. B. Green


2. B. Green


3. K. Touly


3. F. Poirot (Gas Gas)


4. J. Robrahn (Gas Gas)


6. J. Robrahn (Gas Gas)


5. F. Poirot (Gas Gas)


8. H. Dufrese (Gas Gas)


6. H. Dufrese (Gas Gas)


13. M. Riobo (Gas Gas)


13. O. Smith (Gas Gas)


15. O. Smith (Gas Gas)


14. P. Martínez (Gas Gas)


20. P. Martínez (Gas Gas)


17. M. Brightmore (Gas Gas)


23. T. Inomae (Gas Gas)


19. M. Riobo (Gas Gas)





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