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Jaime Busto achieved his first victory in the TrialGP World Championship today. The young rider from Górliz, who yesterday finished the first day in fifth position, made an excellent performance today. Busto was only penalized 19 points, which he used to win in Motegi.

His GasGas Trial Factory Team teammate, Jeroni Fajardo, yesterday won his first World Championship victory in nine years. Opening areas, the Catalan rider had an almost perfect performance and managed to climb to the top place of the podium. Today Fajardo was only 4 points away from the podium, finishing fourth.

With this historic double win in Japan, the two GasGas riders have added 48 points in the TrialGP World Championship standings and are only 2 points behind the lead. In the three events held so far, there has always been a GasGas rider on the podium and they have won two of the three possible victories. 

The TrialGP World Championship will return to Europe for the third round of the championship, the Andorra GP, which will be held on June 16 and 17.

GasGas Trial Factory Team
"It's been a really impressive weekend for the GasGas Trial Factory Team. In addition to the two victories, I would like to highlight the mental strength of Jeroni [Fajardo], who has had to face the two days starting in front, and that is always a handicap. Regarding Jaime [Busto] I would like to highlight the pressure he endured throughout the race, with his top rivals today, Adam [Raga] and Toni [Bou], who were very strong and with a lot of possibilities of winning the race. He came out from behind and has been withstanding pressure throughout the race knowing that he was riding zone by zone, until reaching the 13th.

That's what I liked most about our two riders over the weekend. They have managed to overcome complicated situations and have shown that they are riding at a high level, wanting to fight, wanting to keep improving. What we have achieved this weekend is very difficult and I think that the whole team is aware that we have to keep working. Now it's time to enjoy this result and think about the next date in Andorra."

"I am very happy after getting my first victory in TrialGP this weekend. After starting on Friday by getting the pole position, yesterday I started the first lap with a couple of pretty avoidable mistakes that later, in the second lap, were impossible to make up. We finished quite close to the riders ahead, except Jeroni [Fajardo] who had a great race. But today we started with a lot of will to do well and, although we made a small mistake in zone 2, from there we were at a great level. I felt very comfortable and I am very happy about this first win. Hopefully, it will continue."

"It's been a great weekend. I am very happy about my victory, for Jaime's win and for the whole team. With results like this we are demonstrating that we can be in the lead. Yesterday's race was brutal, I still can't believe it. Not only for having won, but because how the race was. I started first, and I started out very strong, with a lot of confidence and making one zero after another. It was spectacular! Now it's time to think about the next race in Andorra and to continue fighting".

<![CDATA[GasGas wins a total of five podium positions in Estonia]]> Mon, 04 Jun 2018 00:00:00 +0200 857

Christophe Nambotin finished the Estonia GP in second position in E3, getting back on to the podium after finishing in fourth position yesterday. His teammate in the GasGas Factory Team, Danny McCanney, who yesterday led a spectacular comeback to finish second, has added a third position.Christophe Nambotin finished the Estonia GP in second position in E3, getting back on to the podium after finishing in fourth position yesterday. His teammate in the GasGas Factory Team, Danny McCanney, who yesterday led a spectacular comeback to finish second, has added a third position.

In E1, Antoine Basset has repeated the third place he got yesterday, getting two podiums in his ride through the Estonia GP. Eemil Pohjola achieved a well deserved fifth place yesterday, but today he was forced to retire due to an electrical problem.

With these results, the GasGas Factory Team has added five podiums in the fourth round of the World Enduro Championship. A very hard and demanding Grand Prix for both riders and their bikes, which forced some of the favourite riders to retire.

The World Enduro Championship returns on the 29th and 30th of June with the the Trentino GP, in Pietramurata, Italy.

"Yesterday I did not finish too close to the top riders, but today I found myself much better from the start. But on the third lap I started to feel bad physically, although I was able to finish and end up second. It was not the best weekend for me, but I am satisfied with the podium and we will continue to train to improve in the coming races."

"Yesterday started very badly with a crash in the first cross test, but I kept pushing and managed to finish second. Today I started well, with a small fall in the extreme and I was fighting the rest of the day. We added two more podiums in the Estonia GP and now we have to prepare well for the Trentino GP."

"It was a good weekend with two podiums. Yesterday was not my best day, but I managed to finish third. Today, despite suffering a fall and losing some time, I got back onto the third step. I gave it everything I had. In Italy we will keep on giving whatever it takes!"

"Yesterday was a good day. Despite two falls, I felt good on the bike and I finished fifth. Today was a bit more difficult and I had to retire in the second stage. Races are like that and we will give everything to get the best possible result in Italy."

<![CDATA[“Our dream is to fight for the world title”]]> Mon, 04 Jun 2018 00:00:00 +0200 858

Since September 13, 2015 in the Spanish GP, no GasGas rider has stepped on the top of the podium in the TrialGP World Championship. However, this weekend the GasGas Trial Factory Team riders, Jeroni Fajardo and Jaime Busto, have brought the brand back to the top with their two historic victories in Motegi. GasGas has brilliantly started this contest by finishing on the podium in all the races and taking these two wins in Japan. These results place GasGas as the leader in the World Manufacturers’ Championship and place Busto and Fajardo as candidates in the fight for title of World Champion. 

How did you feel competing this weekend and, above all, after achieving your respective victories in Japan?
Jaime Busto: "It was a very positive weekend for the whole team. After not feeling good and making some mistakes on Saturday, on Sunday we went all out and I won my first race. The truth is that it went very well and we are very happy with this weekend in Japan."

Jeroni Fajardo: "It's been a great weekend. I felt very good on the bike both on Saturday and Sunday. Winning a race is something very special."

In the three races held in the TrialGP World Championship there has always been a GasGas rider on the podium and the team has taken two of three possible victories; what do you take from this great start to the championship?
JB: "The start of the championship has been very good. Starting the first race in Camprodón with a second place was incredible. And in the second round, although Saturday was not so good, on Sunday I got my first victory. We are very happy, now we have to continue training hard and continue with the same momentum."

JF: "With this race we arrived at the first third of the championship and I think the take-away is very positive, because we have fought in all the races and we have achieved very good results. I think that this season will be a very contested championship." 

Judging by the results, the adaptation to the GasGas TXT is remarkable; how do you feel riding this motorcycle and what does it bring to the table?
JB: "I feel great riding the GasGas bike and we are fully adapted. The bike works amazingly and the team is doing a magnificent job. I think that thanks to all that we are where we are. "

JF: "The TXT is a great motorcycle. Personally, I think it gives me an advantage, because it helps you get over obstacles when you really trust it. With this bike, you can decide to push it, always knowing that the bike will help you and that you might arrive and score a zero thanks to it."


"Having Marc Colomer helps us a lot. He has so much experience and we notice that a lot when training and working to improve."


It appears that you all are a very close-knit group in the GasGas Trial Factory Team; is that one of the secrets to your team performance?
JB: "The team does a great job. Also, being able to be with Jeroni Fajardo, who has so much experience in trial, is something that helps me a lot in my day to day. All of that together is helping us achieve these results."

JF: "Yes, the truth is that we all get along very well with the team. I think it's important, more than anything that everyone is relaxed, that there is no tension. It is very important to have a good connection with your colleagues and be able to enjoy the weekend. In the end, we spend a lot of days of the year together and we must get on well."

How does working with a World Champion like Marc Colomer help you in the GasGas Trial Factory Team?
JB: "Having Marc Colomer helps us a lot. He has so much experience and we both Jeroni and I notice that a lot when training and working to improve. In our day to day, his knowledge is a great help. "

JF: "About Marc Colomer, there are so many things to say. I think having a World Champion by your side, on the team, helps us every day and brings solutions. These are small details that a person of his level, of his experience, can solve, and these little details at the end of the championship or race make a difference."

You are now amongst the ranks of the big names in trial, like Bou and Raga; how far do you think you can go this TrialGP season?
JB: "This weekend has been very positive because we have been ahead of Toni [Bou] and Adam [Raga]. Until now they were ahead of us and this result gives us confidence. From now on we will try to continue like this, fighting for victories, and our objective should be to try to win races. And, while we're at it, why not try to win the title?".

JF: "In this 2018 season I think we can go for everything. We are demonstrating day by day that we can fight for any place on the podium. Being amongst the first three in the championship is very difficult, since there is a lot of competition but our dream is make it even further and to be runner-up or to fight with Toni [Bou] or whoever it is, for the title."

<![CDATA[Victory for GasGas in Japan]]> Sat, 02 Jun 2018 00:00:00 +0200 854

Jeroni Fajardo has won the first win of the season for the GasGas Factory Team in the TrialGP World Championship in Japan.

With this result, GasGas once again wins a World Championship outdoor event. The last victory was in the Spanish GP in 2015.

In spite of having to open zones, the Catalan rider rode a perfect first round, with a total of 0 points, which got him into first place with only 11 penalty points.

After achieving his second pole of the season yesterday, his teammate Jaime Busto finished in fifth place today.

With this result, Fajardo is the new leader of the TrialGP World Championship and Busto is in third position.

In addition to Fajardo's victory with the GasGas Trial Factory Team, the GasGas School of Champions riders have also performed brilliantly in Japan with a victory and five podiums in their respective categories.

Tomorrow, once the second day of the Japanese GP is over, we will complete the report of this event with more information, images and statements.

<![CDATA[Podiums for Danny McCanney and Antoine Basset in Estonia]]> Sat, 02 Jun 2018 00:00:00 +0200 856

Danny McCanney, who had a fall in the first cross test of the day and was running in sixth place, managed to make up positions to get a well-deserved second place in E3.

Also in E3, Christophe Nambotin was just one step away from the podium, finishing in fourth place.

In E1, Antoine Basset got another podium finish for the GasGas Enduro Factory Team, finishing third.

His partner, the young rider Eemil Pohjola continues making progress in the E1 category with today’s fifth place.

The terrible heat made things really tough on this first day of the Estonia GP.

Tomorrow, once the second day of the Estonia GP is over, we will complete the report of this World Championship event with more information, images and interviews.

<![CDATA[This year we're going to have a great time and get great results]]> Tue, 22 May 2018 00:00:00 +0200 853

A satisfied Marc Colomer makes a positive assessment of the role of his team in the inaugural round of the World Championship, in which Jaime Busto and Jeroni Fajardo proved to be perfectly adapted to their GasGas TXTs after finishing in second and third places respectively. In Trial2, Loris Gubian also completed a great performance by finishing third. These were great results to which GasGas could add the TrialE title which it already got last year and which this season includes two scoring events.

Jaime Busto and Jeroni Fajardo got second and third positions, respectively, in the first TrialGP event. How do you rate this result?
"The truth is that the results we achieved in Camprodón made a great start to the championship. Our main objective this season is to have the two riders on the podium in all races, so we are very satisfied with this first step."

How did you see each rider during this first weekend of TrialGP? What would you highlight about each of them?
"Both showed a high capacity for concentration and definition during this event. Jaime Busto started very strongly from the beginning, being first in Saturday's qualifying round, and stood out among the best. Jeroni Fajardo, on the other hand, had a very good reaction at the end of the race and that got him the third place."

What evolution have you seen in the adaptation of Jaime and Jeroni to the GasGas TXT after a month of training, once the X-Trial World Championship was over?
"Both riders have passed the phase of adaptation to the bike, and from here on, we can focus on sporting aspects. We must keep on adding improvements from now to the end of the season to continue getting good results and be able to fight for everything."

After this result, what are your feelings about the rest of the season?
"I am optimistic and I think that this year we are going to have great fun and we're going to get great results. As a former rider, I think we have a very competitive bike and that will allow both Jaime and Jeroni to enjoy riding it a lot."

Jaime is perfectly adapted to the bike. Do you think he can beat the 3rd place he got in X-Trial?
"Finishing a Trial World Championship in third place is always difficult. And improving on that position is even more so. But I think the most important thing is to keep evolving day by day in order to be progressively more competitive."


"The goal in the TrialE World Championship is to regain the title we won last year in Lourdes with the GasGas TXE."


Jeroni had a great opening race in Camprodón and is second in the Spanish Championship. How do you see his season?
"Jeroni has made a very important qualitative leap with our bike. He is very motivated and convinced that he can have a great year with that improvement."

Loris Gubian was third in his debut with GasGas in Trial2 and he is going to participate in the TrialE events. What else do we expect from him?
"Loris will combine the Trial2 and TrialE championships, although his main objective will be the TrialE World Championship. He is very motivated with our GasGas TXE, he is already training with it and we are convinced that he will achieve great results."

Is the objective in the TrialE World Championship to win again the title?
"Without a doubt, the aim is to win the TrialE title that we got last year in Lourdes with the TXE. This season the World Championship is disputed in two races and it is sure to be very competitive, so we will have to work hard to achieve it."

How has the development of the GasGas TXE progressed? How has it improved the most? 
"The TXE is a motorcycle in constant evolution. During these months we have not only improved the power delivery, but also the reliability of all the parts of the bike. Now they are in production and that is always the maximum guarantee of reliability."

The TrialGP World Championship is travelling to Japan for the second race of the World Championship, how do you think the Motegi event will go?
"The event in Japan will be for two days on terrain which is always complicated. The zones are usually wet and that will make them slippery, which will add a high level of difficulty to the event. However, this first result, also with wet ground, makes us optimistic." 

<![CDATA[Hat trick of podiums for the GasGas Trial Factory Team]]> Mon, 21 May 2018 00:00:00 +0200 851

The TrialGP World Championship got off to a cracking start today in Camprodón. Jaime Busto and Jeroni Fajardo just keep on adding yet more great results for a GasGas Trial Factory Team that continues to fulfill the objectives marked and is making great strides in the fight for victory. The luxury duo formed by Busto and Fajardo got podium finishes in the demanding start of the World Championship, demonstrating the GasGas team's great form right now.

After achieving first place in yesterday's qualification, Jaime Busto has made his debut in the great outdoors in the best possible way, riding his GasGas TXT to second overall position. His partner, Jeroni Fajardo, supported him with an excellent performance allowing him to finish in an extraordinary third place.

In Trial2, the young British rider from the GasGas School of Champions, Jack Peace, climbed onto the second step of the podium. He was joined by the French rider from the GasGas Trial Factory Team, Loris Gubian, in third place. Loris has starred in a magnificent return to the TrialGP World Championship. 

Thanks to the results obtained in TrialGP and Trial2, GasGas is positioned as the best brand of the Championship after the opening event. The next round of the World Championship is the up coming Japanese Grand Prix, in Motegi, from 1st to 3rd June.

GasGas Trial Team Manager:
"It was a great start to the TrialGP World Championship: the three GasGas Trial Factory Team riders took the podium. It seems that, since the first event, we are even more competitive in the Outdoor World Championship, than in the Indoor. Having the two riders on the TrialGP podium is a great way to start the season. It is clear that our goal is still victory, but we must go step by step to continue improving. As far as the brand goes we are very happy because everything went very well over the weekend and I want to congratulate the entire GasGas team.

The second GP of the season is in Japan and the trip always complicates things a bit. Although the material is the same, obviously the logistics is a little different from the races that are disputed in Europe. But that factor will be the same for all teams. We will continue working hard this week before traveling to Motegi, to continue on this good track."

"I am very happy with what we did over the whole weekend. Yesterday's qualifying round was very good, I finished first and that gave me a small advantage today. With the rain that fell yesterday afternoon, this morning the terrain was very slippery, but I was able to complete a good first lap and the feeling of the bike has been incredible. In the middle of the second pass it started to rain and that complicated everything. But we were able to hold the pace and finish second. I want to thank the whole team for their work with the bike, which has been great all weekend."

"I am very happy with my third place. It was a complicated weekend, which started with a ninth place in yesterday's qualifying round. Today I started the day quite well, but in the middle of the first lap I started feeling a little uncomfortable. It was really tricky, but I finished fourth in the first round. With the rain falling, the second round was much harder, much more difficult, but we fought, we endured and all the effort was rewarded with this third position."

"It's been a good weekend for me. Today, the beginning was quite stressful, because it was my first Trial2 race in quite some time. Finishing third, a few points from the second position, in the first race is a very good result. We will have to continue like this and work for the following races, in Andorra and Portugal, to catch up with the riders ahead."

<![CDATA[GasGas looks after its customers in the 2018 SSDT]]> Tue, 15 May 2018 00:00:00 +0200 849

The longest running international trials competition staged a new edition last week with a significant presence of riders of the brand with over sixty participants riding the highly competitive GasGas TXT manufactured in the factory in Salt.

Jack Price was the best GasGas rider in this always demanding competition. The young British rider brought up in the GasGas School of Champions came to lead the event on the first day, although he finally had to settle for fourth place. In this legendary competition, GasGas UK managed to place two of its riders in the top ten of the general ranking and five of them among the top twenty.

Sam Haslam, finally tenth, and Dan Peace, nineteenth and best 250 cc rider, rode alongside Jack Price in the GasGas UK, fighting for victory in the A Team. They were backed up by a second formation composed of the likewise British riders Dan Thorpe(11th), Declan Bullock (20th) and Alexz Wigg (23rd).

Sandra Gómez rode again in the 2018 SSDT and came second classified in the women's category. The Madrid-based, twice World Championship runner-up in Trial Women, as well as another historical rider, John Shirt in his 30th Scottish, JST GasGas UK team manager, did not want to miss this great event, a competition wrapped in magic and romance, and which year after year turns the Scottish town of Fort William into a place of pilgrimage for trial lovers. 

2018 SSDT  - Results 
1. Dougie Lampkin, 8
2. James Dabill, 11
3. Gary Macdonald, 18
4. Jack Price, 18
10. Sam Haslam, 36
11. Dan Thorpe, 38
19. Dan Peace, 55
20. Declan Bullock, 57
23. Alexz Wigg, 60
25. Richard Timperley, 76
38. John Shirt, 108
39. Juan Knight, 110
40. Chris Alford, 113
53. Jack Lee, 147
68. Sandra Gómez, 191
160. Katy Sunter, 389

<![CDATA[Lars Enöckl and GasGas get off to a great start together in the demanding WESS]]> Mon, 14 May 2018 00:00:00 +0200 848

A new international championship got off to a racing start this weekend in Portugal. This demanding event brings together World Champion riders and specialists in Enduro, Extreme-Enduro, and Super-Enduro. And it is here that the GasGas rider, Lars Enockl, managed to finish this difficult event in an excellent twelfth position.

Over 250 riders started in the main race today, but not all managed to finish this demanding stage. The Austrian rider, Lars Enöckl, can boast of not only having ridden his GasGas bike to the end of the race but also having done so after making a brilliant comeback. Enöckl started in 26th position but managed to get the most out of his GasGas bike in the selective zones until finishing in a well earned twelfth position.

Enöckl will have extra motivation for the next WESS event, the massively popular Erzberg Rodeo, to be held from May 31st to June 3rd in Austria, his country of origin.


"I'm happy about our debut in this championship. The bike has worked incredibly and I felt very good riding it. Today's race went well, despite the fact that we started a little behind due to the fall in Friday's EnduroCross. That meant we were stuck behind a lot of other riders at the beginning of the race, so I found it hard to find a good rhythm, but little by little I felt better and I was able to climb positions progressively until nearly finishing so close to the top 10. Without a doubt it has been a good start in the WESS and I want to thank GasGas. We have to continue training but we are improving day by day and I am looking forward to the next race".

<![CDATA[The GasGas fleet launches into TrialGP]]> Fri, 11 May 2018 00:00:00 +0200 847

From May 19th to 20th, Camprodón will be hosting the start of a new edition of the TrialGP World Championship. A season where GasGas is aiming to win the title in all the categories: GP1, GP2, 125 cc, Women and TrialE.  Jaime Busto and Jeroni Fajardo are spearheading the attack in GP1, which also features the presence of Franz Kadlec and Jack Price, German and English champions respectively.

In GP2 Dan PeaceJack PeaceGael Chatagno and Loris Gubian will be competing in the GasGas colours. GasGas will also be supporting several riders in the 125 cc category. The current TrialGP World Championship runner-up, Sandra Gómez, will be fighting this season to win the title in the Women's category. Loris Gubian and David Cobos aim to re-take the TrialE World Championship won last year in Lourdes by Marc Colomer on the GasGas TXE, the only electric motorcycle manufactured in series with a mechanical clutch and a six-speed gearbox.

The TrialGP World Championship consists of 8 events and is due to finish September 16th in Pietramurata di Dro, Italy.