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Model name:
Model Category Year Manuals Exploded Stickers
EC 250Enduro2018sisino
EC 300Enduro2018sisino
EnduroGP 250Enduro2018sisino
EnduroGP 300Enduro2018sisino
TXT 125 Racing USATrial2018sisino
TXT 250 Racing USATrial2018sisino
TXT 280 Racing USATrial2018sisino
TXT 300 Racing USATrial2018sisino
TXT 80 RacingTrial2018sisino
XC 250Enduro2018sisino
XC 300Enduro2018sisino
CONTACT 250Trial2017sisino
CONTACT 280Trial2017sisino
EC 250 REnduro2017sisino
EC 300 REnduro2017sisino
Trial School 125 USATrial2017sisino
TXT GP 125 Limited EditionTrial2017nonono
TXT GP 250 Limited EditionTrial2017nonono
TXT GP 280 Limited EditionTrial2017nonono
TXT GP 300 Limited EditionTrial2017nonono
TXT PRO Racing 125Trial2017sisino
TXT PRO Racing 250Trial2017sisino
TXT PRO Racing 280Trial2017sisino
TXT PRO Racing 300Trial2017sisino
EC 125 REnduro2015sisino
EC 200 R / EC 200E REnduro2015sisino
EC 250 FEnduro2015sisino
EC 250 R / EC 250E REnduro2015sisino
EC 300 FEnduro2015sisino
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