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The new Gas Gas EC/XC and TXT GP win over the public at the prestigious EICMA, the greatest international motorcycle showcase

Gas Gas has presented its innovative 2017 enduro and trial models at the Milan EICMA. The new Gas Gas EC/XC and Gas Gas TXT GP win over both public and professionals at the biggest international motorcycle exhibition. The European company has re-launched its image with the presentation of its most important new products in its wide off-road range.
What better stage could there be than the Milan Motorcycle Show for the presentation of the new EC and XC, and the cutting edge TXT GP de trial? Gas Gas has chosen the prestigious EICMA exhibition to show their new products for the next season, with the presentation of the much-anticipated Gas Gas EC/XC, ‘Project Phoenix’, on which the brand from Girona is basing their re-launch in the enduro and cross-country world; and it was also the debut of the beautiful new Gas Gas TXT GP. This was a GP delicatessenfor trial lovers.

The new Gas Gas EC/XC was the star of the show on the stand of the brand from Girona at the Milan show. The presentation of the new Gas Gas weapon in this tough speciality was by Iván Contreras -CEO & Founder of Torrot Group- together with Miki Arpa and Quim Riera, who shared responsibility for the development of this project, and Jonathan Barragán, World Championship rider for the brand.

A new model developed under the name ‘Project Phoenix’ – in reference to the bird from classical mythology, which is re-born from its own ashes – and which implies a total renewal for all the brand’s enduro models. Gas Gas cherishes a long list of successes throughout its history in this discipline and at the same time this is a fundamental pillar of the re-launch of the brand in the off-road market.

The presentation of the much-anticipated enduro enchanted the passionate public at the great international motorcycle exhibition, as did the new Gas Gas TXT GP, the dark object of desire for trial lovers. A version of the GP bike, with carbon fibre filter box and exhaust cover together with an endless list of new specifications, improvements and components which make this new Gas Gas bike a precious limited racing edition, prepared for the very highest levels of competition. Sales are about to start in the next few weeks.

Gas Gas enduro and trial exclusives in Milan shared the stardom with other new products from the European manufacturer, which as well as their wide range of trial TXT 300/280/250/125, exhibited various examples of pre-series versions such as their new Gas Gas Contact with electric starter and its electric namesake, the new Gas Gas Contact EGD, initials which stand for Electric Gear Drive. As well as that, the new Gas Gas Venturo was on display, a first contact and a way of testing the water for the company in the trail, off-road and multiuse sector.

The small electric bikes of the Gas Gas family, the eKids T12 in trial and E12 in enduro, also had an important presence at this the 74th edition of the Esposizione Internazionale Ciclo e Motociclo, where the Gas Gas off-road bikes and the Torrot electric bikes shared space on the busy Torrot Group stand.

The crowds of visitors to the Milan exhibition had the opportunity to enjoy the new Gas Gas virtual reality, by becoming Miki Arpa for a day on top of a Gas Gas EC300 thanks to the VR headset and the software specially developed for this year’s EICMA.


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