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Gas Gas presents four new bikes at ‘Motoh! Barcelona’


Gas Gas is taking the opportunity of the ‘Motoh! Barcelona’ motorcycle show to present four new bikes in its off-road range: the new TXT 80 Racing, TXT Trial School and Trial Contact Electric Start, and the very much looked forward to Gas Gas EC/XC Enduro. Manufacture of the enduro is set to start towards the end of April. Gas Gas will be an active participant in the exhibition with exciting activities including the “Kids” circuit and a Trial Show with Jordi Pascuet.

Gas Gas is landing at ‘Motoh! Barcelona’ with anoff-road range full of novelties for 2018. As a special treat for the show goers and our nearest exhibition centre, the Catalan company with its excellent reputation and local following is to make a special international presentation of four new models.

The new TXT 80 RacingTXT Trial School and the electric start Trial Contact are the latest additions to the highly successful Gas Gas saga of trial bikes, benchmark manufacturer and sales leader in the speciality. While the visitors are attending the show in Barcelona from 30th March to 2nd April they will be able to see, for the very first time in our country, the new Gas Gas EC 250/300 Racing, the total renovation of the brand in enduro. This is the model from our factory in Salt that everyone has been waiting for. Manufacture and sale of this model is set to start towards the end of April.

Activities: Kids Circuit and Trial Show with Jordi Pascuet

Visitors to ‘Motoh! Barcelona’ will be able to enjoy the active participation ofGas Gas in the show, where as well as exhibiting its wide range of trial and off-road, bikes, families can also enjoy the activities from Gas Gas, such as the Kidscircuit or the Trial Show given by one of our great ambassadors of trial: the rider Jordi Pascuet.

The very youngest riders can have their dream come true by riding one of our fantastic Kids electric bikes in the children’s circuit installed in the interior of the Fira Barcelona. While visitors, both young and not so young, are at the show they will be able to marvel at the trial exhibitions by Jordi Pascuet in the special area in the Avenida Maria Cristina.


A total renewal of the brand in enduro

Gas Gas has completely reinvented its iconic enduro. The new EC/XC demonstrates total commitment to the very highest quality components. With new frame, engine, suspension, geometry and an endless list of new parts. A new enduro that joins together in one unique formula the greatest reliability, top specs, versatility, easy riding and is mechanically accessible.


The first step on the way to trial

Often the image of adults is reflected in youngsters, like with the new Gas Gas TXT 80 Racing. The new trial bike from Gas Gas is a small-scale re-creation of a full-sized champion. This machine has the same TXT genes that have written great chapters in the story of trial and now form part of the most recent addition, the smallest member of the Gas Gas family, the new TXT 80 Racing.


A trial bike for ‘hobby-riders’

Get started in the world of trial with the new Gas Gas Trial School, a bike with features good enough so you won’t miss out on any of the authentic Gas Gas spirit, but with a smoother, more easy-going riding style just right for entry level riders. Aimed at beginners as well as veteran riders who are looking for a bike that is going to give them the maximum amount of fun on an enjoyable day’s trial riding.


The excursionist with electric starter system

This is the bike for serious enthusiasts of both trial and mountain riding. The new Gas Gas Trial Contact now has a new feature: electric start. The high quality of its component parts are put together offering characteristic ease of use and riding comfort. Riders are going to have a great time on excursions and long off-road trips thanks to its comfortable seat and its large capacity 3.5 litre tank


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