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Gas Gas closes the 2017 TrialGP World Championship with a great performance from its riders in Italy

Dabill, pipped at the post for a podium finish in TrialGP in Italy. The Gas Gas rider, fourth in Arco di Trento, climbs to a position in the ‘top ten’ of the World Championship and closes the year with an outstanding sixth position among the elite of the speciality. Good performance also from Kadlec. The German rider, in sixth place, achieves the best result of his sporting career in the highest category in Italy. Gómez repeats as runner-up in the TrialGP Women World Championship after finishing third in this last event. While Caballé takes third place in Trial2 Women in her first year in the World Championship. Peace completes a season of outstanding results for the Gas Gas Trial Factory Team riders in the 2017 World Championship with a fifth place finish in Trial2.

Dabill gets near the TrialGP podium in Arco di Trento

The rainfall during the previous night in North-Eastern Italy meant that the zones of the last event of the World Championship, held in Arco di Trento, were very slippery and definitely really tricky for the TrialGP riders. Adversities that produced more penalties than usual for the favourites, including among them, James Dabill.

Despite achieving the third fastest qualifying time in on Saturday, luck was not with the British rider during the early stages of the Italian Grand Prix. The difficulty of the zones, made even greater by the mud and water, loaded Dabill's scorecard with points. A complicated beginning in a race in which the Gas Gas rider, little by little, and as the sun was drying the zones, managed to turn things around to finish finally in a well-merited fourth position, only nine points from the top positions the last GP of the season.

Kadkec, sixth, achieves the best result in TrialGP

And if Dabill had a good performance in Arco di Trento, Franzi Kadlec was excellent too, as the young German rider got the best result of his TrialGP sporting career in Italy. Kadlec took advantage of his good result during the first round to get a final sixth place. A satisfactory result, similar to that of his team-mate Matteo Grattarola, who got a seventh place for his fans in what was his home GP for the Italian multiple trial champion.

In this way, the Gas Gas Trial Factory Team got three of its official riders in the top ten of this the last event of the World Championship in Italy, where Arnau Farré, Jack Price and Oriol Noguera completed the GP in the 12th, 13th and 14th positions respectively.

Thanks to his fourth position in this last outdoor GP of the season, James Dabill wins a place in the TrialGP classification and closes the season with a sixth place in the top category, very close to the top five which both the British rider and his team had set as targets on the return of the rider from Leeds to Gas Gas. A season of adaptation for Dabill, who rose to the second step of the podium in Japan and almost made it into the top GP positions in Great Britain, the United States and, this last one in Italy.

The Gas Gas Trial Factory Team finishes the year with three of its riders in the top ten of the elite of this speciality: with James Dabill, sixth and Matteo Grattarola and Franzi Kadlec classified ninth and tenth. While the brand's promising young riders continue to show their progression, with Arnau Farré (12th), Jack Price (13th) and Oriol Noguera (14th)

Sandra Gomez repeats as runner-up in the TrialGP Women World Championship.

After a second place in Sokolov keeping Sandra Gómez in the struggle for the precious title of TrialGP Women, just a week later, in Italy, the Gas Gas rider was unable to make her dream come true. Gomez arrived at Arco di Trento as second classified in the highest female category, ready to exhaust all her options and to fight for the TrialGP Women crown, despite the 13 points that separated her from the top classified rider.

The rider from Madrid needed to win and her rival had to finish below ninth position, a difficult combination that finally was not to be. The Gas Gas rider rose to third place in the Italian GP, her third podium of the year, thus closing a concentrated trial season for the girls, with her second consecutive title as runner-up in the world of TrialGPWomen.

Caballé is third in the year of her debut in Trial2Women

Her brand companions and team-mates in the category, the German riders Ina Wilde and Michele Neurkirchen, seventh and fourteenth in Italy, end the year in the fifth and fourteenth positions of TrialGP Women. Meanwhile, in the second female trial category, the young Carla Caballé finished the season in Italy with a fifth place which helped her to take third place at the finish of Trial2 Women. A category that, this year, has also had the participation of other Gas Gas riders throughout the season, such as the British rider Nikita Smith and the American rider Madeleine Hoover, sixth and seventh respectively in the championship.

Dan Peace, fifth-placed, best Gas Gas rider in Trial2

On the other hand, Dan Peace was once again the most outstanding Gas Gas Trial Factory Team rider in Trial2, with a fifth place in this, the last World Championship event, followed by his team-mates Hakon Pedersen, eighth, and his younger brother Jack Peace, this time ninth. Meanwhile the Norwegian rider Ib Andersen finished in sixteenth place.

After getting a double win in Trial125 and Trial2 in 2016 thanks to the victories of Jack Peace and Jack Price, this year Gas Gas has been unable to repeat the successes achieved by its promising young riders in the last World Championship. After Gael Chatagno, the winner of the races in Japan and Andorra and one of the main candidates for the title of Trial2 this year, not riding due to injury, Dan Peace has become the best ranked rider of the Gas Gas Factory Trial Team in the old junior category, now fifth in the World Championship, ahead of his little brother Jack Peace, finally eighth, and Gael Chatagno, who despite missing the last three events of the calendar, finished ninth. Hakon Pedersen finished tenth.

Poirot and Dufrese, promising riders for the brand put on a brilliant show in Trial125

Meanwhile, finally, we should emphasize the performance of the promising young French trial riders Fabien Poirot and Hugo Dufrese in Trial125, a category that came to an end in Bradford and in which they finished the season in the third and eighth positions respectively, with a victory for Poirot in Lourdes and two third places on the podium of the small Dufrese, first in Camprodón and soon after in Sant Julià de Lòria.

So it is in this way that the international trial season draws to an end, although not before giving way to the Trial of Nations. A prestigious event that this year will see the best teams facing each other in Baiona (Spain), on 24th and 26th September, and in which Gas Gas will have its main riders defending the colours of their respective countries.


TrialGP – Italy


TrialGP – Season 2017


1 . T. Bou


1. T. Bou


1. A. Raga


2. A. Raga


3. J. Busto


3. J. Busto


4. J. Dabill (Gas Gas)


6. J. Dabill (Gas Gas)


6. F. Kadlec (Gas Gas)


9. F. Kadlec (Gas Gas)


7. M. Grattarola (Gas Gas)


10. M. Grattarola (Gas Gas)


12. A. Farré (Gas Gas)


12. A. Farré (Gas Gas)


13. J. Price (Gas Gas)


13. J. Price (Gas Gas)


14. O. Noguera (Gas Gas)


14. O. Noguera (Gas Gas)



Trial2 – Italy


Trial2 - Season 2017


1. T. Martyn


1. I. Roberts


2. I. Roberts


2. G. Marcel·lí


3. G. Marcel·lí


3. F. Moret


4. D. Peace (Gas Gas)


5. D. Peace (Gas Gas)


8. H. Pedersen (Gas Gas)


8. J. Peace (Gas Gas)


9. J. Peace (Gas Gas)


9. G. Chatagno (Gas Gas)


16. I. Andersen (Gas Gas)


10. H. Pedersen (Gas Gas)




19. I. Andersen (Gas Gas)




20. R. Hoper (Gas Gas)



TrialGP Women – Italy


TrialGP Women - Season 2017


1. T. Bauml


1. E. Bristow


2. E. Bristow


2. S. Gómez (Gas Gas)


3. S. Gómez (Gas Gas)


3. T. Baulm


7. I. Wilde (Gas Gas)


5. I. Wilde (Gas Gas)


14. M. Neukirchen (Gas Gas)


14. M. Neukirchen (Gas Gas)



Trial2 Women – Italy


Trial2 Women - Season 2017


1. J. Steinert


1. N. Murcia


2.  S. Ter Jung


2. J. Steinert


3. N. Murcia


3. C. Caballé (Gas Gas)


4. C. Caballé (Gas Gas)


6. N. Smith (Gas Gas)


7. N. Smith (Gas Gas)


7. M. Hoover (Gas Gas)


9. M. Hoover (Gas Gas)


13. M. Aurieres (Gas Gas)


11. M. Aurieres (Gas Gas)


18. M. Krampitz (Gas Gas)


15. J. Stephen (Gas Gas)






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