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Gas Gas World Championship team all together for the first time in Camprodón


The TrialGP World Championship gets under way this coming weekend in Camprodon with a strong line-up of Gas Gas Trial Factory Team riders in all the categories. The official factory team, lead by the ex-World Champion Marc Colomer, is to get their first taste of the Spanish GP on 13th and 14th May. This is to be the first of eight events representing all the categories of the World Championship: TrialGP, Trial, Trial125, TrialWomen and TrialE.

The latest addition to the brand from Girona, the British rider James Dabill is to have his official debut in the open-air World Championship with Gas Gas in a position of one of the outstanding riders of the TrialGP team, after already having competed in the X-Trial events on a powerful Gas Gas TXT 300 Racing.

Matteo Grattarola and Franzi Kadlec, the top men in Italian and German trial respectively, share the category alongside James Dabill with two first timers: Jack Price and Arnau Farré. After winning the Trial2 World Championship last year, the promising young British rider is making the leap to TrialGP to go head to head with the elite. His situation is similar to that of Arnau Farré, who after finishing fourth in the top category of the World Championship last season, is to start in the top category of the World Championship with Gas Gas, under the banner of the SPEA RFME team.

The brothers Dan and Jack Peace are sharing a category this season in Trial2, together with one of the great surprises from French trial, Gael Chatagno. Dan Peace will be competing for the top place in the Trial2 World Championship where last year he climbed into third position on the podium. Meanwhile, Jack Peace is to make a start in the same category as his older brother on the powerful Gas Gas TXT 250 Racing, after having been acclaimed World Champion in Trial125 in 2016.

Two new faces are to be seen in the Gas Gas Trial Factory Team in the quarter litre class. The French rider, Hugo Dufresse and the German Jarmo Robrahn, fighting for the title, wil be proudly carrying the Gas Gas colours in Trial125, both riding the highly versatile Gas Gas TXT 125 Racing. Meanwhile in the Women’s category, Sandra Gómez and Michelle Neukirchen are going to have to wait until July to get going in the TrialWomen 2017 World Championship.

The woman rider from Madrid, who almost made it to the top last season, will be competing from 28th July in Kingman (USA) for the top place on the podium and so win what will be her first World Championship win in trial. The young German rider Michelle Neukirchen is the latest to join the Gas Gas Trial Factory Team this year in TrialWomen, a category with a concentrated race calendar, consisting of only three events for the women: Kingman (USA), Sokolov (Czech Republic) and Arco di Trento (Italy).

The great novelty this year in the 2017 World Championship is the creation of a new category: TrialE. This is the first event to be held with electric motorbikes at the highest international level. This is a historic prize, and at the same time especially looked forward too by Gas Gas and Torrot. The synergies present between these two companies have been the reason for the return of Marc Colomer to a world level competition. The ex-World Champion will be riding a revolutionary electric trial bike. The details of this bike will be unveiled on 24th and 25th June in Lourdes, at the French GP, the first and only event of the new TrialE Cup 2017.


GAS GAS TRIAL FACTORY TEAM – Marc Colomer (team manager)

James Dabill (GG TXT 300 GP)


Matteo Grattarola (GG TXT 300 R)


Franz Kadlec (GG TXT 300 R)


Jack Price (GG TXT 300 R)


Arnau Farré (GG TXT 300 R)


Dan Peace (GG TXT 250 R)


Jack Peace (GG TXT 250 R)


Gael Chatagno (GG TXT 250 R)


Jarmo Robrahn (GG TXT 125 R)


Hugo Dufresse (GG TXT 125 R)


Sandra Gómez (GG TXT 280 R)


Michelle Neukirchen (GG TXT 250 R)


Marc Colomer (Gas Gas/Torrot Electric)



Trial World Championship 2017

13-14 May


Spanish GP

26-28 May


Japanese GP

17-18 June

Sant Julià de Lòria

Andorran GP

24-25 June


French GP *

08-09 July


British GP

28-30 July



09-10 September


Czech Republic GP **

16-17 September

Arco di Trento

Italian GP**

*TrialE Cup


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