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“I Knew that if We Did it Well, I Could Win”


Arnau Farré (05-07-1998) was crowned absolute European Trial Champion in Lazzate (Italy), after having prevailed in the last two championship races and having locked up a third and second place.

With his victory, the M.C. Aitona athlete confirms the hot streak he’s been showing while rocketing onto the sport’s elite level. The young man from Lerida also competes against the best racers in the highest levels of competition at the World and Spanish Championships, TrialGP and TR1.

– You’re now the new absolute European Champion. How did the weekend in Lazzate play out? 

“It was really hot all weekend and this always makes trial even harder. Apparently, the zones looked hard, and were even more difficult when it started to rain on Sunday morning. It was especially tough for the first ones to go, since they slid around a lot. However, after zone 6, the ground dried up a bit and we could start going full gas.” 

– Between previous races and this latest one, there was a several-week break. Was it difficult for you to refocus for the European Championships when the time came? 

“As I was competing at the World’s, it wasn’t difficult, since the European Championships is also non-stop.” 

Well, your results there—2 victories, a second and a third place—might make it look like it was “easy” to win the title. Was that the case?

– “Absolutely not. Up until the very last minute, we were fighting with Iwan Roberts. It hasn’t been easy, since he’s always amongst the first positions in all the races he does.”

– You came into the decisive race in front and as the clear favourite for the win. How did you deal with the pressure and duty to win?

– “I tried to really concentrate on the zones, to look at them well, to take them as best as possible...to leave the pressure to one side. You are always nervous at the start, but little by little you start loosening up.” 

– You were the only Spanish participant this year. However, in Italy you were surrounded by some of your training partners.

– “Exactly. Only Pol Medinyà and I were competing in this last race. In the others, I’ve been the only Spaniard. In Lazzate, I could also count on Marc Riba’s support, who is my teammate on the SPEA RFME Trial Time in the World Championships. Here, he was Pol’s helper, and Marc Cots was mine in the latest competition.”

– The bike was great, right?

– “In truth, yes. This season I’ve had Jordi Martín Clerch working with me to prep my bikes. He gets them absolutely perfect! And it’s noticeable. Throughout the season, we’ve worked in innovating and improving my bike’s motor, and that has helped me to feel more and more comfortable riding it. I’m really thankful for all the work he has done, and continues to do. He is very helpful to me.” 

– You are the seventh athlete since the contest’s inception to take a win in the top category on your first go. Did you think you would take the title all along?

– “I knew that if we did it well, I could win, but it was difficult. My rivals were very strong. It’s a championship and a category where a small mistake can make you lose out on a podium spot.” 

– You are following in the championship footsteps of another Spanish athlete. Was he the one who motivated you to compete in the European Championships?

– “No. We decided to do the European Championships because this year, there were only four races, and three of them in three consecutive weeks. This made it much more economically feasible to take part.” 

– You are now one of the 14 Spanish athletes to have taken the top continental prize, and even more so, you figure amongst the legends of the sport, like Dougie Lampkin, Adam Raga or Toni Bou.

– “It’s an honour to be amongst names like Lampkin, Raga and Bou. They were and are our sport’s best athletes.” 

– What do see for the remainder of 2017? 

– “I want to improve on my results thus far in the Spanish Championships, as well as at World’s, so I can get more experience for the upcoming season.” 

– European Champion this year...and in 2018, Champion of what?

– “2018… will be very difficult. I’m competing in the top categories, both at the Spanish and World level, and that’s where the world’s best athletes are. We’ll give it our all, like always, and try to do our best. But, I repeat myself: it’s difficult to win a championship given the level of competition nowadays. You need to continue learning and improving every day.”


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