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This year we're going to have a great time and get great results


The GasGas Trial Factory Team Manager, Marc Colomer, reviews the team's great performance in the World Championship debut last weekend. Busto and Fajardo got podium finishes in TrialGP and Gubian a podium finish inTrial2, riding their GasGasTXTs, a highly competitive bike that it is going to help the team keep on adding good results in this competition.

A satisfied Marc Colomer makes a positive assessment of the role of his team in the inaugural round of the World Championship, in which Jaime Busto and Jeroni Fajardo proved to be perfectly adapted to their GasGas TXTs after finishing in second and third places respectively. In Trial2, Loris Gubian also completed a great performance by finishing third. These were great results to which GasGas could add the TrialE title which it already got last year and which this season includes two scoring events.

Jaime Busto and Jeroni Fajardo got second and third positions, respectively, in the first TrialGP event. How do you rate this result?
"The truth is that the results we achieved in Camprodón made a great start to the championship. Our main objective this season is to have the two riders on the podium in all races, so we are very satisfied with this first step."

How did you see each rider during this first weekend of TrialGP? What would you highlight about each of them?
"Both showed a high capacity for concentration and definition during this event. Jaime Busto started very strongly from the beginning, being first in Saturday's qualifying round, and stood out among the best. Jeroni Fajardo, on the other hand, had a very good reaction at the end of the race and that got him the third place."

What evolution have you seen in the adaptation of Jaime and Jeroni to the GasGas TXT after a month of training, once the X-Trial World Championship was over?
"Both riders have passed the phase of adaptation to the bike, and from here on, we can focus on sporting aspects. We must keep on adding improvements from now to the end of the season to continue getting good results and be able to fight for everything."

After this result, what are your feelings about the rest of the season?
"I am optimistic and I think that this year we are going to have great fun and we're going to get great results. As a former rider, I think we have a very competitive bike and that will allow both Jaime and Jeroni to enjoy riding it a lot."

Jaime is perfectly adapted to the bike. Do you think he can beat the 3rd place he got in X-Trial?
"Finishing a Trial World Championship in third place is always difficult. And improving on that position is even more so. But I think the most important thing is to keep evolving day by day in order to be progressively more competitive."


"The goal in the TrialE World Championship is to regain the title we won last year in Lourdes with the GasGas TXE."


Jeroni had a great opening race in Camprodón and is second in the Spanish Championship. How do you see his season?
"Jeroni has made a very important qualitative leap with our bike. He is very motivated and convinced that he can have a great year with that improvement."

Loris Gubian was third in his debut with GasGas in Trial2 and he is going to participate in the TrialE events. What else do we expect from him?
"Loris will combine the Trial2 and TrialE championships, although his main objective will be the TrialE World Championship. He is very motivated with our GasGas TXE, he is already training with it and we are convinced that he will achieve great results."

Is the objective in the TrialE World Championship to win again the title?
"Without a doubt, the aim is to win the TrialE title that we got last year in Lourdes with the TXE. This season the World Championship is disputed in two races and it is sure to be very competitive, so we will have to work hard to achieve it."

How has the development of the GasGas TXE progressed? How has it improved the most? 
"The TXE is a motorcycle in constant evolution. During these months we have not only improved the power delivery, but also the reliability of all the parts of the bike. Now they are in production and that is always the maximum guarantee of reliability."

The TrialGP World Championship is travelling to Japan for the second race of the World Championship, how do you think the Motegi event will go?
"The event in Japan will be for two days on terrain which is always complicated. The zones are usually wet and that will make them slippery, which will add a high level of difficulty to the event. However, this first result, also with wet ground, makes us optimistic." 


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