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    GASGAS celebrates riding in its simplest, dirtiest and most basic forms. We encourage riders of all types to join in the action, get dirty, have fun, then head home with a smile on their faces.

    GASGAS is different to other brands. We want to allow more riders to easily access the fun of riding, to help create memories, and to provide a friendly reminder to not take life too seriously. In its truest form, riding bikes is a leisure activity and we’re here to help maximize that enjoyment!

    We build our products to be inviting and accessible to a wide range of riders. Beyond the traditional hardcore racers and competitors out there, our mission is to create an inspiring model line-up for those that simply love to ride. We want people riding Motorcycles and E-Bicycles, heading out with their buddies every weekend to have a blast in the woods, around the track, in the streets or while tackling those gnarly local trails. All in the name of fun!

    We’re all united in the dirt, riders from diverse cultures and backgrounds coming together to enjoy riding, all tuned into the same frequency and quick to share advice, tips, and encouragement. And when words fail? That’s when sounds, like ‘GAAAAAS!!!’, or hand signals such as the classic right-hand ‘gas it’ action become our universal language.



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