2 top tens for the GasGas team at the last National Enduro in Alabama to finish the season.

FAR Racing Gas Gas North America’s Andrew DeLong turned in an impressive seventh overall finish on his GasGas XC300 at this weekend’s Gobbler Getter National Enduro in Stanton, Alabama. While Thorn Devlin continues his comeback from knee surgery.

The event marked the season finale for the National Enduro series and it featured one of the largest entries of the year, as rain leading up to the weekend left the Alabama soil in perfect condition for racing.

After making a few setup changes to his bike, DeLong settled into a fast pace that saw him close on KTM factory rider Ben Kelley midway into the race. However, when DeLong got a little too impatient, he started pushing a little too hard and the result was a trip into the trees, which cost the Pennsylvania rider considerable time.

In the end, DeLong still managed one of his best rides of the season with a seventh overall.

Factory rider Thorn Devlin rounded out the top 10 in only his 2nd National Enduro since 2017 after having extensive knee surgery this spring. Thorn racing the new XC250 after just testing last week showed good speeds and things are looking strong for Thorn moving into 2019.

Andrew DeLong: We made some changes from our GNCC setup and I didn’t feel too comfortable with them in the tight woods, so we made some adjustments after the first test and I started rolling pretty good. I felt really good and I closed in on Ben Kelley. I lost a lot of time in that first test before we made the changes, but I was up to within 12 seconds of Ben and I was riding pretty good but I made a little bobble and lost some time to him. In test six I went for it and I ended up riding over my head. I wanted fifth pretty bad and I made a big mistake and got caught up in some trees and ended up seventh. Overall it was a good day and a good way to finish off the season.

Thorn Devlin: I thought I would try the XC250 for the last National instead of the XC300. I really liked the feel and power of the motor, the bike felt a little quicker than the 300 and was fun to race it.  I still have some conditioning to do to get back into the pace and rhythm I want, but it is coming along for sure.



1. Grant Baylor (KTM)
2. Josh Toth (KTM)
3. Steward Baylor (KTM)
4. Evan Smith (Hsq)
5. Ben Kelley (KTM)
6. Ryder Lafferty (KTM)
7. Andrew DeLong (GG)
8. Liam Draper (KTM)
9. Jesse Ansley (KTM)
10. Thorn Devlin (GG)