At Oviedo, Adam Raga, riding at a very high level, fought for second place to the very last section

The Gas Gas rider, Adam Raga finished in third position in the final round of the FIM X-Trial World Championship held at Oviedo. Jorge Casales finished seventh, showing his quality and potential.

The sports palace of the city of Oviedo hosted the last of the five rounds of the FIM X-Trial World Championship with the participation of two Gas Gas riders, Adam Raga and Jorge Casales. Adam Raga finished on the podium in third place, and also in the final classification of the series.

In the semifinals, Adam Raga beat Jeroni Fajardo and qualified for the final with relative ease, where he finished tied with his rival Albert Cabestany for the runner-up position. Raga could not defend his second championship position despite having a good season, having been marred by the result in Sheffield, the opening round of the series.

Meanwhile, the Galician rider, Jorge Casales did very well in his first year in the Indoor series, even better than some more experienced riders in the field. Despite finishing in seventh place, he has shown good form which points toward a great future for the young rider from the Gas Gas School of Champions.

The next competition for the Gas Gas team riders if this coming weekend in the area of 'manchega' in the town of Sigüenza (Guadalajara) with the opening round of the Spanish Trial National Championship.


Today I started badly in qualifying, with two major faults, but still, I think I was doing pretty well on the motorcycle. For the following stages of the race I gained more confidence. I've done well in the semifinal and the final. It was a shame, because I have missed by very little to get an excellent result. 
I had realized that it would be complicated to finish second in the final championship and winning today being my only chance. I tried to win, but it has not been possible. Still, I have to be happy with how it has gone, in terms of technique and form, I am even better than last year, while finishing third was not my goal. I dragged with me the poor outcome of the championship round in Sheffield and this has been difficult to recover.

I think I had a pretty good race in Oviedo, regardless of the outcome. I was doing well, with a fine ride. It's a shame that we always stay at the sidelines in the semifinal, and yesterday I drew even with Gubian and with some zeros went around him. But I'm happy with how I did in the rock section, one of the hardest of this race. 
This has been my first year in the X-Trial, and it has been a great experience, and hopefully I can do it again next year, it will be difficult because I'm Spanish..., but hopefully I will have a good season outdoors.


Trial Indoor Oviedo
1. Toni Bou, 0 points
2. Albert Cabestany, 10 points
3. Adam Raga (Gas Gas), 10 points
4. James Dabill, 20 points
5. Loris Gubian, 15 points * -Semifinal-
6. Jeroni Fajardo, 16 points * -Semifinal-
7. Jorge Casales (Gas Gas), 23 points 

FIM X-Trial World Championship (final)
1. Toni Bou, 100 points
2. Albert Cabestany, 69 points
3. Adam Raga (Gas Gas), 60 points
4. James Dabill, 41 points
5. Jeroni Fajardo, 35 points

8. Jorge Casales (Gas Gas), 17 points
9. Matteo Grattarola (Gas Gas), 5 points
10. Steven Coquelin (Gas Gas), 3 points
11. Michael Brown (Gas Gas), 2 points