Aubert finishes seventeenth in the sixth stage

Jonathan Barragán is twenty-sixth after a five minute penalty and his teammate in Torrot's GasGas Rally Team, Cristian España, is thirteenth in a stage where the dense fog forced the cancellation of 118km of the special.

Torrot's GasGas Rally Team riders left Arequipa and Peru behind this morning and headed towards La Paz where the altitude and the drop in temperature was in stark contrast to the heat, dunes and sand of the last five days. The fog forced the Dakar organization to cancel the first 118 of the 313 kilometres planned for the sixth special. 

This reduction in distance did not stop Johnny Aubert from finishing seventeenth and continuing in thirteenth position in the general classification. The newcomer Jonathan Barragán got a five minute penalty last night and finished up in twenty-sixth place. Cristian España received a new penalty in the 5th stage, this time of two hours, for not registering at two waypoints. The Andorran rider started in 89th place today and managed to get back up to the thirtieth position. After today's result, España occupies the 56th position in the general standings.

Tomorrow, the Dakar riders will enjoy a well-deserved day of rest and get back the cut and thrust of the competition on Saturday, competing in the seventh stage of the most demanding rally in the world.

"Today the Dakar has reached a new terrain: very fast tracks with dirt and stones and the riders have not had any problems getting through it. The day was very hard because of the weather conditions, since it was very cold and raining. We have reached the rest stage without any physical problems, the riders are in good condition, and the bikes are in perfect condition, thanks to the work of the mechanics of the GasGas Rally Team. Throughout today, we will prepare ourselves the best we can for when we get back to the race, because we will be going back to the first marathon stage for the bikes."

"We are already in the bivouac in La Paz, in Bolivia, after finishing the sixth stage. Today the times have been very close and, personally, I am satisfied because we have done pretty well. I'm happy to have got as far as I have, because bit by bit we keep improving day after day."

"We are already in Bolivia after a very fast special that required a lot of care. We have finished the first week of competition in thirteenth position of the general classification. Tomorrow we will enjoy a day of rest to get back our strength and get ready to face the second week of the race."

"We have left Peru behind and we are already in Bolivia. The race will change a lot here because of the altitude, the terrain and the contrast between the cold and the heat we are going to find. But now we have a day of rest that will come in handy to regain strength and prepare for the next day, which will be the first marathon, without technical assistance between stage 7 and 8.