Aubert is sixth overall in the penultimate stage of the Dakar

The French rider finishes sixth in the thirteenth day of the rally, between San Juan and Córdoba. Barragan achieves ninth place, his best stage result, and climbs to the fifteenth position of the general classification. With just one day remaining, the Spanish rider continues as the second best newcomer. Cristian España climbs to the thirtieth position of the general classification after finishing 20th on the penultimate day.

The GasGas Rally Team has taken a giant step forward today towards finishing the 2018 Dakar with all its members, the main objective that the team had aimed for on its return to the toughest off-road competition on the planet after two years of absence. Torrot's rally competition team is about to get the best result of its history in this rally.

Johnny Aubert was sixth in the longest stage of the Dakar, 907 kilometres in total with 369 kilometres of special stages divided into two sections. A demonstration of strength from the French rider, who has had his best result in this edition and is now positioned sixth in the general classification. Jonathan Barragan had a brilliant performance today and finished the stage in ninth place, his best result of any stage in the Dakar. The Spanish rider is ranked fifteenth as the second best 'rookie' of the 40th edition of the rally. His teammate, the Andorran rider Cristian España, finished twentieth and climbs to the 30th position of the motorcycle category.

Tomorrow the fourteenth and final stage of the rally will be raced. A loop of 286 kilometers, 120 of these corresponding to its last special, before the riders cross the finish line situated next to the final podium in Córdoba. This is the hard won prize that is more than deserved for the efforts of the survivors of the toughest edition of the Dakar Rally ever disputed in South America.

"One more day! Everything went very well and we are very happy. We know that this is not over yet, because tomorrow we have a special of 166 kilometers, so we have to stay focused. It is clear that reaching the penultimate day in this position is something very good for everyone. The riders have not had any problems and it has been a very positive stage for the team. Tomorrow is the last day of Dakar and I hope it is also a positive day for the GasGas Rally Team." 

"It has been a very long day, with more than 900km and two specials, but we are already in Córdoba. The first special I already knew from last year, but it was quite tough. I lost a bit of time because of an error, but I managed to get back into rhythm and keep on going to the end. The second part was typical for here, from La Rioja. A very fast track, with many dangers that required a lot of attention. We have made it here, which is the important thing. Tomorrow is the last stage and there are the three team members here!"

"We are already in Córdoba after a long day with many kilometers of special and liaison. I am very happy. Tomorrow will be the last day with a fairly short stage and I am very happy that the whole team is here. We have done a good job. It has been tough and difficult, but we are very happy to be here."

"Today was a very, very long day with two specials. The first on very soft, very bumpy sand. I rode a good first special and finished fifth. The second was much faster with few difficult parts, but with some very slippery bends. In the end it was a good day, I finished in sixth position and I climbed a place in the general standings. "We'll see what happens in the last stage tomorrow!"