Barragán, eleventh, best rookie in the second stage

Along with the rider from Madrid, Johnny Aubert, eighteenth, and Cristian España, thirty-second, Torrot's GasGas Rally Team completes the 272 km - 267 of them timed - of today's stage, pure navigation over the dunes of Pisco. 

After debuting yesterday in the toughest rally in the world, Jonathan Barragán has been awarded a remarkable eleventh place on the second stage raced today, which makes him the best rookie of the rally. The ruts left by the cars, that started this Pisco-Pisco stage before the bikes, made orientation difficult for the bike riders. Nevertheless, Johnny Aubert, eighteenth, has managed to make up ground after losing time yesterday in the search for a waypoint and Cristian España finished this complicated day of navigation in 32nd place.


"Today's stage has been difficult, both for the navigation and the terrain. There has been a lot of soft sand, which complicated things, but the GasGas Rally Team riders managed to overcome this to finish the stage and keep their bikes in good condition. We did not have any technical problems, so we are ready to face the day tomorrow, which will have a special a bit longer but there will not be as many dunes as today.

The terrain will be a bit harder, with faster tracks and navigation will be a little less complicated, compared to today. But it will still be a demanding day because it is very hot and the special will be longer. Later on, we will arrive at a junction that will take us to San Juan de Marcona, where the terrain will change ".


"I am very happy with today's result. I rode almost all the stage alone and, towards the end, an official rider passed me. I was able to follow him for a long time and that has helped me gain pace and confidence. Today has been a very complicated day in terms of navigation and it was difficult, but we have to go little by little, because we still have many stages ahead. So we will continue working to continue putting on a good show in the Dakar. "


"We are very happy because it has been a really good day. Yesterday we had some difficulties because I did not have a good feeling for the terrain, but today we rode fast from the beginning and we did a good job in terms of navigation between the dunes that we came across. I have been able to handle the heat well and I felt comfortable on the bike, which is also performing very well. It's only the second day and we still have a lot to go until the end of the Dakar, so we have to stay focused and work just as well with the team and my teammates, Jonathan [Barragán] and Cristian [España]. "


"We knew that today would be a long stage because of the difficulty of navigation and the dunes. Marc Coma [Sport Director of the Dakar] alerted us yesterday in the briefing that this would be a very dangerous stage and that we would have to go very carefully because we would find fast areas, steep dunes and very bumpy areas because of the passing of the cars. And so it was. But in spite of this I am happy, because I have been able to maintain a constant and sure rhythm right to the finish. The bike is still intact and I too am in perfect condition. I am happy for the team, because the three riders are still strong in the race and today we have done a good job. Tomorrow a stage of sand and off-road riding awaits us. We want to keep progressing. "