Barragán, once again best rookie of the stage, with Aubert and España climbing positions in the general classification

Johnny Aubert finishes twelfth and climbs up to 15th overall. The newcomer Jonathan Barragán performs amazingly well again with fourteenth position and being the best rookie of the stage. Cristian España moves up to position 41.

A solid performance from Torrot's GasGas Rally Team riders in the fourth stage of the Dakar. A loop of 444 kilometers with the start and finish in San Juan de Marcona, which curiously, got under way today with groups of 15 riders starting together, motocross style, from the beach, next to the bivouac. After being eleventh the day before yesterday, the newcomer Jonathan Barragán has demonstrated his fast adaptation to the discipline of rally raids once again, achieving fourteenth position. Johnny Aubert was riding well too, and despite being ill with flu finished twelfth. Cristian España overcame the one hour penalty from yesterday, ending the day in 40th place.

After the fourth day, Johnny Aubert climbs to the fifteenth position of the general. Jonathan Barragan recovers two places and is now twenty-third, while Cristian España is in 41st place.

"We have made it through one more stage, a day that has also been very difficult because it required a lot of navigation and again on soft sand, so we are very happy that Torrrot's GasGas Rally Team riders finished the day with no problems. They are in a good position for tomorrow, with a very long stage in store, 774 kilometres in total, with a special of 266 km. We are still going to have to do a lot of navigation and also the sand will be important. Then, we will take a crossroads towards Arequipa, where the terrain will change."

"Today I felt quite comfortable and I rode at a good pace, but in the final kilometres I lost a little time. We keep on going day after day, which is the important thing. The race is approaching the halfway point and we keep on finishing stages and learning at the same time. The bike is in perfect condition and physically I feel good too."

"Today has been a good day; I navigated well in the first part of the stage until a rider in front of me fell and I had to stop to help him. Afterwards, I continued navigating well by myself and towards the end, about thirty or forty kilometres from the finish, I caught up with several riders and we finished together. It has been another good day; the three GasGas riders have finished and we are doing a good job together with the whole team. Tomorrow will be another day, so I'd just like to say thanks to everyone."

"Today we had a beautiful and at the same time tough stage, in which we started in a row. There was a lot of dust and also dunes, very pretty. Although it was a difficult day in terms of navigation, we registered at all the waypoints. The problem for me was yesterday's penalty, which has left me behind and so I've had to eat a lot of dust. I could not find the rhythm that I would have liked but I have caught up with quads and other riders. I just aimed to finish my stage. I am happy because we are getting better and tomorrow we will give it even more. I hope to get a little higher in the standings. The team is working perfectly and the bike is great."