GasGas begins the X-Trial championship with a podium of Fajardo

Fajardo’s scored third in Budapest and Busto finished at the 4th position at the big opening of the indoor trial World championship.

The Sport Arena of Budapest was the venue to house the first X-Trial World championship race last Sunday. A test of the new championship format with Jeroni Fajardo and Jaime Busto as two of the star riders.

The Catalan rider, Fajardo, wanted to claim his right to be part of the top six selected riders. He presented his credentials as a real candidate for the world title from a very early stage on the first round, ending on an overall third position. In the second round he couldn’t go through to the final for just one point. As a result, Fajardo went to the runners-up final to battle for the third position. On the other hand, Busto recovered his best riding skills, but he encountered the finest round of Toni Bou. The rider from Gorliz, with just 6 feet, challenged his teammate for a place in the podium at the runners-up final round. 

Both of the ‘GasGas riders competed to each other to obtain the third place but it was finally Fajardo, after a really good performance, who earned the place on the podium in the Budapest indoor stadium.

GasGas Trial Team Manager
"We are convinced we are on a better position and better prepared as we were last year at this point of the season. This gives us a good perspective on a near future. We believe we have a real chance to fight for the Championship this year. We have our mind now set in the next race of Barcelona, an important date for us, where we hope to compete at the final."

"It has been a difficult race but I am happy with the results in the first race of the year. We have finally fought for the third place against Jaime, my teammate. Although I came as a guest rider, I think I have proven one more time I have the enough skills to be a real candidate to challenge the X-Trial Championship title." 

"I was nervous at the beginning and this made me make some mistakes on the first round, but I felt myself more comfortable on the second one. In fact, I made a good performance, but I couldn’t finally reach the final. With last year’s rules in hand, I would have been through the final, but this year is different, therefore I finally went to the runners-up final. I would like to congratulate my teammate Jeroni for his third place, and I am already looking forward to the next race in Barcelona."