GasGas North America Trials Team Solid at Super Trial

Luckenbach, TX (May 17-18, 2019) – The GasGas North America MotoTrials team consisting of Daniel Blanc-Gonnet, Alex Niederer, and Maddie Hoover, turned in solid performances at this weekend’s Super Trial Pro Invitational in Luckenbach, Texas.

With the start of the 2019 US National MotoTrials Series just one week away in Nebraska, the Super Trial event served as a great warmup for the upcoming national series and the GasGas trio left Texas with positive momentum heading into next weekend’s series opener.

Riding a 2019 GasGas 300 TXT, Alex was third in Friday’s qualifying, which consisted of six man-made sections that were ridden twice. However, on Saturday, despite turning in some of the most spectacular rides of the day, the Florida rider struggled with the slippery conditions and dropped to sixth in the final standings.

Gonnet, also riding a 2019 300 TXT, was fourth in qualifying and fourth overall, managing several crowd-pleasing clean rides in the process. Gonnet is one of the most stylish riders on the circuit and is always a crowd favorite.

Riding a 2019 250 TXT, defending Women’s Pro champion Maddie Hoover finished third in the Women’s class. After spending much of last year in Europe, training and riding the world championships, Maddie took a bit to adjust to this weekend’s man-made sections but indicated she is ready to defend her title when the riders return to “real” dirt next week in Nebraska.

Alex Niederer: I felt good in qualifying, but on Saturday every single mistake I made was punished with a five and that knocked me down from third to sixth place. I’m really disappointed. I know I can do it. Yesterday my riding was spot on. Today I don’t know what it was, really. Just did not feel comfortable at all. I think maybe the rain had something to do with that. But I got some things to figure out before next weekend, so I’m ready.

Danial Blanc-Gonnet: Today was really rough. The rocks were pretty slick. It rained this morning and these rocks don’t have many pores in them, so a lot of the stuff was like sharper edges, not very much natural terrain which I’m not really used to. When you’re hitting that kind of stuff, the slippery mud really makes a big difference. But I was able to secure a fourth place finish, just three points ahead of one of my competitors. So I’m pretty happy with the result. I wish I could have been one place higher. Considering how today went, I think I salvaged a pretty good place.

Maddie Hoover: The sections were difficult and with the rain, it was pretty tough. The spectators were great and it was inspiring to ride in front of such a big crowd. I think I rode well, but I just made a few too many mistakes, but I felt good and I’m confident going into the nationals next weekend in Nebraska.

The GasGas North America Team returns to action on May 25-26 in Nehawka, Nebraska for rounds one and two of the AMA US National MotoTrials Series.


1. Pat Smage (Shr)

2. Karl Davis Jr. (Sco)

3. Jan Peters (TRS)

4. Daniel Blanc-Gonnet (GG)

5. Alex Myer (Sco)

6. Alex Niederer (GG)

7. Josh Roper (Shr)

8. Andreas Niederer (Bet)

9. Sam Fastle (Shr)