GasGas presents their new 2019 Enduro and Trial models

The new EC and TXT were unveiled on July 17th at a massive event in Ametlla Park attended by journalists from all over the world as well as official GasGas Enduro and Trial riders.

GasGas has now announced the new Enduro and Trial models for the year 2019. The company presented their new bikes at a major event that took place in Ametlla Park (La Ametlla del Vallés) and which was attended by more than thirty media representatives from around the world.

The multitudinous event was also a Test Day, where visitors could try out the EC 2019 and the TXT 2019; among them were some exceptional guests: the official GasGas Enduro riders Johnny Aubert and Jonathan Barragán and for Trial, Jaime Busto, Jeroni Fajardo and Loris Gubian. There was also room for surprises, with the presentation of the new GasGas EC Ranger, great for starting with and easier to ride than its "big brother". Throughout the day, several technical talks with journalists were organized, where the main changes in the Enduro and Trial models were presented.

In the presentation of the GasGas EC 2019, the main new specifications were revealed with respect to the previous model, which are mainly based on improvements in its engine and frame and suspension, in addition to a revision of the electric start, which now has a new ignition system of and greater capacity battery.

It also now features a double engine map, to make the most of both wet and dry conditions. The new EC remains a versatile, powerful and rugged all-rounder, with top-quality components that stand out in the world of two-stroke enduro.

A new swingarm and rear section are the most significant new features of the new TXT Racing 2019, which provide the new model with a balance between stability, traction and responsiveness. All this, accompanied by a redesign that preserves the avant-garde, stylized and competitive line of one of the greatest references in the history of trial bikes.

Both models have their homologated version to ride on the public highway and a version exclusively for off road riding. The new EC and TXT are now available at official GasGas dealerships.