GasGas wins the Bassella Race

Nambotin's victory in the most popular and hardest enduro race of southern Europe boosts the team's enthusiasm before the start of a new season

Nothing better than a victory to ensure that this new season gets off to a good start. Christophe Nambotin and his new GasGas EC300 stood out as the main star of the Bassella Race 2019, the popular endurance race from Lleida, which opens the season of competitions in the world of enduro. An Event marked with fluorescent ink in the agenda of all fans of this specialty. Once again, this tenth edition gathered more than one thousand two hundred riders in the starting line.

The excellent performance of the French rider allowed the team to uphold its strategy and set the pace of the race, to get the second GasGas victory in the history of this popular winter event, along Oriol Mena who also achieved it in 2014 on one of the factory's bikes of Girona.

The event meant a first contact with competition for the GasGas Enduro Factory Team, which took four riders to Bassella: French Christophe Nambotin and Johnny Aubert, Austrian Lars Enockl and Brit Alex Snow.

Aubert rounded off the fantastic performance of the team with a fourth position. The Gaul, despite his hands full of blisters, pushed through the pain until crossing the finish line just eight seconds behind the third place.

While the Austrian Lars Enockl, after a first gap on the 'top ten' of Saturday’s final Xtreme, could not finish the race on Sunday. The impact with a concrete obstacle in the middle of the race forced the Austrian driver a DNF.

Similar the young British Alex Snow, who was forced to withdraw before completing the second and final round of the demanding journey of the tenth anniversary of the Bassella Race.

"I feel very good about this new GasGas 2019. The whole team has done a great job and we are very happy with the result. This year I had aimed for the goal of winning the Bassella and I was very motivated to do it. I fought fiercely throughout the race and I gave everything I had in the two laps. The rivals did not make it easy for us, but we have set a good rhythm that led us to victory. I am very happy for myself and for the whole team."


BR1 - X BASELLA RACE 1 (Sunday)

1. Christophe Nambotin (GasGas), 3:17:27

2. Cristóbal Guerrero (Yamaha), + 3:37

3. Josep García (KTM), +6: 04

4. Johnny Aubert (GasGas), +6: 12

5. Manuel Lettenbichler (KTM), +8: 39


1. Manuel Lettenbichler (KTM), 18: 47.069

2. Alfredo Gómez (Husqvarna), +1: 06,087

3. Pol Tarres (Husqvarna), + 1: 43,245

4. Xavier León (Husqvarna), +1: 43,531

5. Josep García (KTM), +2: 03.075

9. Lars Enockl (GasGas), + 1 lap.

15. Christophe Nambotin (GasGas), +1 lap.