Johnny Aubert and Jonathan Barragán, among the 15 fastest riders in the fifth stage

Torrot's GasGas Rally Team riders show they have the right stuff on the toughest day so far in the 2018 Dakar. Aubert finished tenth, Barragán, fifteenth and España, forty-second.

The GasGas Rally Team riders continue their steady pace climbing positions in the Dakar. Johnny Aubert managed tenth position in a 266 kilometer special, once again involving navigation through huge dunes, which today had the added difficulty of incredibly soft sand. The French driver is now thirteenth overall. His teammate, Jonathan Barragán, fifteenth today, continues to exceed expectations on his first time in the rally. The Spanish rider climbs to 20th position in the general classification. Cristian España, weighed down by the penalty of the third day, continues to climb in the classification. The Andorran rider is already 40th overall after starting today in 41st position.

The 2018 Dakar goes into Bolivia tomorrow, with a sixth stage that will have the arrival to La Paz and a well-deserved rest period as a prize for the survivors of this first week of the race.

"We finished today's stage in Arequipa, which was also quite difficult due to the very soft sand that the riders have found. Once again, they managed to ride over it successfully and tomorrow we are arriving in Bolivia, where we will start to gain altitude and have much faster specials on rock. It will be another race style, difficult too, and conditioned by the altitude."

"I am very happy because we finished the fifth special and it was one of the most difficult so far. The dunes were very soft and it was really tough getting here, but we did it again. It has been a long day because when we finished the special, we had more than 500 kilometers of liaison to reach the bivouac at Arequipa."

"It has been a very difficult stage for navigation, with some sections where the riding was complicated because the sand was very soft. Despite this, it has been a good day for me, with a good pace and without making any mistakes. It was another full day too for the whole GasGas Rally Team, which has once again done a great job. So we'll see what happens tomorrow."

"It has been a very hard stage, the hardest of all. I was comfortable in the first part of the special, but then, because of a car, I was stuck at the bottom of a dune and had a lot of problems getting the bike out of there. It was hell. However, the most important thing now is that both the bike and I have arrived safely. So tomorrow we have to face a new stage and we are a little closer to the rest day".