The riders, Jordi Viladoms and Gerard Farrés join the Gas Gas project for the next Dakar Rally

Riders, Jordi Viladoms and Gerard Farrés will be part of the structure of Team Gas Gas and will participate with Marc Guasch in the 2014 Dakar Rally.

Viladoms and Guasch will take part with team Gas Gas at the 30th edition of the Baja Aragon, to be held this week.

Gas Gas are in luck to officially announce that Jordi Viladoms and Gerard Farrés will be the two new Gas Gas riders, who along with Marc Guasch, form the Gas Gas factory team to compete in the next edition of the Dakar Rally to start in Rosario (Argentina) on January 5th, 2014.

Thanks to an agreement reached by Gas Gas and Viladoms, the Igualada rider has been racing with Gas Gas, participating in the past Sardinia Rally, a points scoring event for the Raid World Championship. The Sardinia experience was so satisfying that Gas Gas Motos and Jordi Viladoms have agreed to continue the link by also participating in several races of this specialty, including the Dakar. Viladoms finished fourth in the 2012 Dakar and won the runner-up position in the 2012 Raid World Championship, winning the Sardinia Rally.

Meanwhile, Gerard Farrés is one of the riders appreciated for his dedication and commitment. He has been part of major teams and his experience will be an important factor with Team Gas Gas. He and Viladoms have worked together perfectly, as they have been team-mates in various past formations. For Farrés, his past success includes three victories in the Baja Spain-Aragon. He is currently recovering from a serious accident he suffered while training on a bicycle and hopes to ride the motorcycle by the end of August.

These two riders with extensive experience in the world of Raids, join the rider who was responsible for the initial development of the Gas Gas EC 450 F Raid, Marc Guasch. Guasch was instrumental in the success of the Spanish brand in the past Dakar, managing to bring to the finish, all three bikes participating in the race.

To conclude, Guasch and Viladoms form the Gas Gas team in the thirtieth edition of the Baja Aragon, taking place in Teruel this coming weekend, from July 19th to the 21st.

I am very excited about this project. It is a home-brand and we begin at a stage where we will be 100% involved in the evolution of the bike, and so it feels like it is yours. The project is hard, and we are eager to do things right, it's very exciting. Be aware that this is a new bike, you need a process of evolution and we compete for compiling a lot of information in order to build an excellent motorcycle. The goal must be complete, but without obsessing about the outcome. We must have patience. On a personal level, the objective will be based on how to get to Dakar, on how we have evolved with the bike. Being among the top ten at Dakar is an achievable goal”.

This is another step in my racing sports career. In the world of raids, I started as a backpacker, and then I evolved as a satellite team rider and now, to be on the Gas Gas factory home-team, it's like a dream come true. I am eager to start working and I hope to produce great racing results.I'm improving my injury, it has been very difficult: a fractured vertebra and another crushed. Fortunately,going slowly, I’m improving and I hope by the end of August to start training to get stronger for Dakar. We will have to see how I am on the bike. It is the first time I will ride a Gas Gas, and as we train, we will see how everything is, seeking a realistic goal for Dakar”.

The success of last year was overwhelming with the three motorcycles reaching the goal of Santiago. It was a great success. This year incorporating two more riders, Jordi and Gerard and we three will try to bring our knowledge and experience into a project that is still in development. We hope to have a good preseason before arriving at the start of Dakar”.

Jordi Jordana, director deportivo Gas Gas; Marc Guasch, Gerard Farrés y Jordi Viladoms; Ramon Puente, director general Gas Gas