Torrot's GasGas Rally Team riders overcome a demanding day of navigation

Johnny Aubert and Jonathan Barragán finish the third stage of the Dakar in positions 23 and 41, respectively. Cristian España finished twenty-fifth but a penalty of one hour for not marking a 'waypoint' has placed him in 69th place.

Torrot'S GasGas Rally Team of has completed a new stage in the 2018 Dakar. Johnny Aubert rode most of today's 296-kilometer fast special among the top five riders. But the illness suffered by the French GasGas rider and the complexity of the final section forced him to reduce the pace to finish inthe twenty-third position. Cristian España, who had finished in twenty-fifth place, has seen how a penalty of one hour, for not marking a waypoint, placed him 69th. The debuting Spanish rider, Jonathan Barragán, has overcome the difficulties of navigation, finishing in forty-first position in this complicated stage between Pisco and San Juan de Marcona.

With this result, Aubert is eighteenth in the general ranking, Barragán, twenty-fifth and España, forty-sixth.


“In this third stage we had some difficulties with navigation and that has caused us to lose some time in the search for some waypoints. We knew that today would be difficult and tomorrow we will go through the longest stage so far, also with a lot of sand. It should be noted that the start will be in rows, as if it were a motocross race, to continue into a mountain area, with a dirt and stone track, until returning to the area of San Juan de Marcona, where they will find sand again. Navigation will be important again tomorrow.

The bikes are in good condition and so are the riders, although they are a bit tired which is normal, but now they will work with the team medical to be in top form tomorrow”.


"I am happy to have arrived here, adding experience in each stage, although today didn't go as well as it could have. I had to turn around to find a waypoint that I needed to mark. I'd got very close, but it had not registered. So I hope that everything will turn out better tomorrow. Our objective in this Dakar is not to focus too much on the position, but to finish each day and go day by day ".


"We completed stage number 3 but it has been a very difficult day because I woke up sick. During the first part of the special I was able to ride fast but I made a mistake in the second half of the day and, later, I struggled to maintain speed and navigate well. But it's fine, because I managed to finish the stage and get to the bivouac."


"We have finished the third stage, which was also very tough, very long and with a lot of navigation. During the day, I felt more comfortable than yesterday and that allowed me to push a little more and up the pace. I managed to overtake some riders and I am happy because I feel good on the bike. It was a shame to receive the one hour penalty today for not marking a waypoint"