“Winning the title that Colomer won last year is incredible”

The GasGas Trial Factory Team rider won the Belgian GP yesterday on his GasGas TXE —born of the collaboration between GasGas and Torrot— and once again won the TrialE World Championship for the brand from Salt.

For Loris Gubian, the Belgian TrialGP will always be engraved on his memory. It was there that the GasGas rider rode to victory and won the TrialE World Championship. This is the second consecutive electric World Championship for GasGas. And thanks to the TXE it has managed to win both the Championships that have been held so far. This electric trial bike is the result of the collaboration between GasGas and Torrot, which brings its experience and technology developing electric bikes. To achieve this level of performance, Gubian highlights the role of Marc Colomer, Team Manager, and the main developer of the GasGas electric motorcycle, which is also available to the public.

What are your feelings after winning the TrialE Cup?
"It's an incredible feeling. We have been working as a team for two months now and I've been experiencing the pressure to be TrialE Champion again. The bike has worked very well all this time and the team has done a great job, so I am very happy to have won the Championship."

What was your experience of the TrialE 2018 World Championship like?
"It was a complicated weekend. We had just come from France, from a fairly easy Trial, where if you made a mistake it was very difficult to recover. And that's what happened to us. I got three points in the first zone and I was dragging them with me throughout the day. We were in second place and still everything was wide open for the fight for the title in Belgium. Being second in France allowed me to come to Belgium without so much pressure on me and finally we were able to win the GP and the Championship."

With this victory you become Marc Colomer's successor as TrialE World Champion. How do you feel about that?
"Winning back the title that Marc [Colomer] got last year is something incredible. When they proposed riding the GasGas TXE in the TrialE World Championship I saw that this was an unbeatable opportunity to win the Championship. Together with Marc and the whole team we have worked very hard to improve the bike and achieve our goal. We have given it everything during these last months and now we can all enjoy this World Championship, the second consecutive one."

So far, the GasGas TXE has been victorious in both editions of this Cup. What do you think about the work that has been done by the brand? 
"GasGas and Torrot are making a great effort with the TXE project. Behind its great evolution, there are two magnificent teams —GasGas and Torrot—  that has helped me at all times to adapt and understand the bike. The work of all the technicians and engineers has allowed me to focus on training and competition and has, finally, paid off."

"The best thing about the TXE is that it is based on a conventional Trial motorcycle, the TXT” 

How was your adaptation to the TXE, an electric Trial bike?
"It was a bit complicated, but luckily and with the help of the whole team, I was able to adapt to perfection. I trained very hard, every day for the last two months, to understand how the bike works. It has similarities and some differences with respect to the TXT. The engine behaves differently and, in general, the bike has a different response. You need to work hard to get used to these differences. In the last two months I have only ridden the TXE and my adaptation has been very good."

How has it been working with a champion like Marc Colomer during these months of training?
"Marc Colomer is a reference in the world of Trial. He has great experience and I'm really lucky to be able to work with him on the TXE project. During these last months we have talked a lot and we have achieved a very high level of confidence in each other. The TXE project is his project and he succeeds in transmitting all his passion and that, without a doubt, is a wonderful thing. I'm very grateful for the trust he has placed in me and all his help during these months."

In what aspects has the TXE allowed you to make a difference compared with the rest of the electric bikes?
"The best thing about the TXE is that it is based on a conventional Trial motorcycle, the TXT. That is fortunate because the chassis, the suspension, the clutch, the gears... are the same as in the conventional motorcycle. The Torrot batteries also work perfectly and in competition they allow you to do the whole round. It is a very good motorcycle and, undoubtedly, easy to ride."

What are the next steps to take now in the development of the TXE?
"Our idea is to continue improving the bike so that everyone can enjoy it. In competition we obtain valuable data to help it evolve and to perfect the production model. I am convinced that we will be able to do it. It's good to be a TrialE Champion, but we want to do more and continue to make the TXE evolve."