Do you want your GASGAS bike to be in tip-top condition?

All the GASGAS Factory Racing riders are going to help you get there with their advice. Listen to the recommendations of the riders who race week-in week-out on their GASGAS bikes at the elite level of trial and enduro, facing the world’s toughest competitions.


Filter change or cleaning:

It is important to change or clean the filter after each ride. Especially if the terrain is dry and there is dust in the air caused by other bikes. Jonathan BARRAGÁNGASGAS Factory Racing
Christophe NAMBOTIN

Battery change:

The battery of a new generation enduro motorcycle usually discharges with use and over time. It is advisable to replace it with a new one every year. Christophe NAMBOTINGASGAS Factory Racing
Antoine BASSET

Engine oil change:

An oil change must be made in the first kilometers of riding the motorcycle. And from this first change, it is recommended to change the oil every 20 hours of use approximately. Antoine BASSETGASGAS Factory Racing
Cristian ESPAÑA

Tyre pressure and spoke adjustment:

It is important to carry out a regular control of tyre pressure to ensure the best level of performance according to the conditions of the terrain and the type of use. Also, it is advisable to verify the correct adjustment of the spokes on the rim to ensure a lower level of wear of the components of the wheels. Cristian ESPAÑAGASGAS Factory Racing

Chain lubrication:

It is recommended to always lubricate the chain after using the motorcycle. Especially after washing. Johnny AUBERTGASGAS Factory Racing