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TXT School


A trial bike for ‘hobby-riders’ looking for fun

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Get started in the world of trial with the new Gas Gas Trial School, a bike with features good enough so you won’t miss out on any of the authentic Gas Gas spirit, but with a smoother, more easy-going riding style just right for entry level riders. Aimed at beginners as well as veteran riders who are looking for a bike that is going to give them the maximum amount of fun on an enjoyable day’s trial riding, without the high-end features of a competition bike. And all of this at a price that won’t break the bank.
Aimed at beginners as well as veteran riders

Aimed at beginners as well as veteran riders

Without losing that Gas Gas trial and off-road character, the new Trial School is adapted to a level less demanding than that of the professionals. This is for riders who are more interested in a leisure sports activity or riding as a hobby and are looking for pure fun in a day of trial. To do this we have simplified some components, such as the suspension, which are elements that are overlooked by riders who are not so expert in the question of adjustments and fine-tuning.

The magic formula for a bike that is both fun and relaxed

The magic formula for a bike that is both fun and relaxed

Firstly, with suspension adjustments and engine mapping pre-set for a mid-level rider and so avoiding the common pitfalls of attempting to adjust settings in the hands of the non-expert.

Secondly, by offering only one size of engine: a 125 cc two-stroke. An engine size that helps a rider get on well with the bike without unpleasant surprises for any riders regardless of ability.

And last but not least, an excellent geometry and balance with regard to mass distribution. Both the front forks as well as the rear suspension of this model are slightly heavier than the rest of the series allowing better handling and traction in the new Gas Gas Trial School on all sorts of terrain.


Single-cylinder 2-stroke, liquid cooled
124,8 cc
Bore x stroke
54 x 54,5 mm
6 speed gearbox with GG 4/6 technology
GG 1/3 hydraulic-diaphragm-system
Carburettor and admission by reed valve
Chrom-Molybdenum tubular frame
Aluminium, Progressive linkage system
Front fork
OLLÉ with steel bar Ø 40, 170mm of travel
Without regulation
Shock absorber
OLLÉ mono shock absorber (1 way)
Spring pre-load ajustable.
Suspension travel
164 mm rear wheel travel
Rim type
In aluminium with spokes
Rim - tyre
Front: 1.6 x 21 - Mitas Trial 2.75 X 21
Rim - tyre
Rear: 2.15 x 18 - Mitas Trial 4.00 X 18
Front brake
185mm disc NG WAVE floating, monoblock 4 pistons BRAKTEC caliper
Rear brake
150mm disc NG WAVE, autostand system 2 pistons BRAKTEC caliper
Dry weight
69,5 kg
Length x width x height: 2.010 x 825 x 1.130 mm
1.320 mm
660 mm