Double podium for GasGas in France

With the results in for the second day, the GasGas Factory Team has completed the GP France with four podiums, all of them in E3.

After Danny McCanney and Christophe Nambotin's second and third places in E3 yesterday, GasGas added two more podiums today. Nambotin and McCanney, who finished second and third respectively, are back again in the top positions in E3.

Christophe Nambotin, who was third yesterday, put on a brilliant performance today and finished second in the E3 category. The French rider, who achieved the scratch victory in the fifth special, has shown such a great level of riding that it also got him the second best time in EnduroGP. His teammate, Danny McCanney, took his GasGas EC300 GP to the third step of the podium in E3.

In the E1 category, Antoine Basset, finished the two days in fourth position overall. The young Finnish rider, Eemil Pohjola, who was sixth yesterday, finished in fifth place today.

The home-turf GP for Nambotin and Basset, held at Methamis, was the penultimate round of the EnduroGP World Championship. The competition will return the weekend of 13rd and 14th October with the German GP, ​​in Rüdersdorf.

"Yesterday was a hard day for me. The layout was quite complicated and I tried to give my best. Today was better and I started very well, without making mistakes. In addition, I won the scratch in the fifth special, which allowed me to increase my distance from the other riders. It's a good result for me, good for the team and also for the French public that was cheering us on."

"After the injury, I wasn't able to prepare the race as I would have liked. I didn't know how my wrist would react during the weekend after being unable to ride the bike since Italy. In spite of everything, since yesterday I have felt really well. A bit weak, but I managed to finish second in E3. Today I had more strength and I did not make any mistakes and finished third. It was a good weekend. Let's give it some stick in Germany!"

"Yesterday I started off very well, with good times in the first stages. Then, in one of them, I lost a lot of time after a fall. Also, I did not feel comfortable with my riding. Today I had better feelings and I pushed hard throughout the day. I made some small mistakes that stopped me making it onto the podium just by a few seconds. I am a bit disappointed that I was not able to finish third in my home race, but that's just the way things go sometimes. We'll keep on fighting."

"It was a complicated weekend. The layout was quite difficult and yesterday I had some falls. I also fell today, but I felt a little more comfortable. We will continue learning to get better and we will give everything we've got in the last race of the season, the German GP."