The dazzling EnduroGP heads the extensive list of Gas Gas innovations in Milan

Gas Gas reveals the world the new EnduroGP. The prestigious  off-road motorcycle manufacturer takes advantage of the EICMA show in Milan, the largest international showcase in the sector, to present the new 2018 models. A list of new products full of surprises, led by the new and competitive enduro model, and by the TXT EGD and EDD trial bikes, the innovative electric commitment of the brand in the world of trial.

If last year all the attention from the visitors to the Motorcycle Show in Milan was focused on the ambitious 'Phoenix Project' to renovate  Gas Gas  in the enduro class, headed by the  EC  and  XC  enduro and cross country versions, in this 2018 edition, the great star of the show from the brand has been the fantastic new  EnduroGP , the most radical model of the brand in enduro.


Gas Gas  presented its most dazzling enduro in the Italian show. A model loaded with exclusive competition components resulting from the extensive experience of its competition team in the World Championship.

The new benchmark bike from  Gas Gas  in enduro was introduced by an authentic legend of the speciality, the great  Gio Sala . The new head of the  Gas Gas Enduro Factory Team  served as master of ceremonies during the presentation of the new weapon from  Gas Gas . An act in which the championship winning Italian ex-rider was accompanied by  Antoine Basset , current rider for the team, and by two of the new signings of the squad for next season, the French riders  Christophe Nambotin and  Johnny Aubert . Two luxury reinforcements, both world champions, which is evidence of the firm commitment of the brand to this discipline and for its competition team in the World Championship.The  Gas Gas  range of enduro and cross country bikes has added a new member to its family of current engine capacities, since as well as the usual displacements of 250 and 300 C.C. two strokes, now the new  Gas Gas XC 200  has been incorporated, a model made exclusively for the American market.


And if the  EnduroGP  was the great novelty in terms of enduro, the new  Gas Gas TXT EGD  and  EDD  were the focus of all the attention for trial. Two amazing electric models that were presented by the best ambassador:  Marc Colomer . The sports director of the brand revealed the highlights of the new  Gas Gas TXT EGD.  The same model the world champion has been responsible for developing and on which, last June, he won the first edition of the TrialE World Cup. A replica of the champion bike that  Gas Gas  will manufacture only as a special series and in very limited numbers. The FIM TrialE winner was accompanied at the EICMA in Milan by its automatic namesake, the new  Gas Gas TXT EDD , an important step forward in the shared path of  Torrot  and  Gas Gas  with their commitment to the electric development in trial and all the other mountain bike specialities, all of them especially sensitive in regard to environmental care.The list of new products in trial bikes was completed with the new  TXT 80 , with aesthetic changes for the next season. The smallest bike in the TXT saga was supported in Milan by its companion of the range, the  Gas Gas TXT 300 , and by the insignia of the brand in trial, the exclusive  Gas Gas   TrialGP,  successfully presented last September. The  Gas Gas Trial Contact EN  with electric starter, presented successfully the previous month, is also at the show.


Finally, in Milan,  Gas Gas ' new bikes for children also played an important role. The small  E-Kids  have two new models in its range, the new  E12  enduro and the  T12 trial, both of them with the parental control system. A wireless safety system that allows disconnection of the motorcycles from a distance, establish a perimeter of operation and control various parameters of the motorcycle through the application for iOS and Android  smartphones .