A unique trial bike, the most innovative with a clutch and six speed transmission

The new Gas Gas TXE is a trial bike that, under its skin, hides and efficient electric motor cooled by water, and powered by the latest generation of batteries. It is an efficient engine, which is paired with a new six speed transmission and a mechanic clutch that puts this Gas Gas TXE model in a class of its own. Moreover the GasGas TXE has a weight of only 68kg.

The GasGas TXE became the first world champion in 2017 in the hands of Marc Colomer by winning the TrialE Cup celebrated in Lourdes, France.
Not only is it electric, it's an authentic competition trial bike

Not only is it electric, it's an authentic competition trial bike

The new GasGas TXE promises sensations which up to know have been unthinkable for trial riders. From now on, they can enjoy their favourite sport with the only sound of nature in the background, without renouncing the great features of an authentic trial bike.

It is not for nothing that this new GasGas model incorporates a mechanical clutch system with its six-speed gear box. A double solution that makes this model the only electric trial bike made in series incorporating both elements. This will allow its users to get the same feel and control in delivery as its internal combustion stablemates. The efficient engine developed by Torrot, the company that owns GasGas and the leader in the electric sector, is powered by a state-of-the-art battery offering all the necessary autonomy so riders can enjoy long trial sessions.

Agile, lightweight and easy-to-ride, weighing only 68 kilograms, manufactured on the extensively tested tubular chassis made of chromium-molybdenum steel used by the TXT, a range from which it also inherits a large part of its aesthetics and its tried and tested components in terms of suspension, brakes and tires.

With the seal of approval from the multiple world champion Marc Colomer

With the seal of approval from the multiple world champion Marc Colomer

An electric racing model (not approved to run on public roads) that is born with the unmistakable influence of the champion from Santa Pau, Marc Colomer, present in all phases of development of the new GasGas TXE, from its initial stages to winning the World Cup and now, finally, in its final step on to the assembly line with which the company has in Salt, Girona.


Brushless. Water Cooled
Max Power
15 KW
Air cooled
Voltage min./max.
Max Current
Cells 3000mA
Nominal voltage / max
50,4V/ 58,8V
Nominal capacity
Hydraulic GG 1/3 diaphragm system
6-speed gearbox with GG 4/6 technology
Tubular chrome-molybdenum frame
Swing arm
Aluminium, progressive link system
Front fork
TECH with aluminum bar, diameter 39, 180mm travel
Adjustable spring preload and extension
Shock absorber
REIGER (2 way) Hydraulic monoshock absorber
Adjustable spring preload and extension
164 mm rear wheel travel
Rim type
Aluminum spoked rim
Rim - Tire
Front: 1.6 x 21 - Michelin Trial X11 2.75 x 21
Rim - Tire
Rear: 2.15 x 18 - Michelin Trial X11 4.00 x 18TL
Front Brake
185mm NG WAVE floating disc, 4 piston BRAKTEC monoblock caliper
Freno trasero
NG WAVE 150mm disc, 2-piston BRAKTEC self-supporting caliper system
Dry Weight
68 kg
Length x Width x Height: 2.010 x 825 x 1.130 mm
1.320 mm
Seat Height
660 mm

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